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Fallah infecting Michiyuki Taki
Use(s) Medicine, bioweapon
Creator(s) Unknown extraterrestrials
First appearance Guyferd episode 1,
"The Birth of Guyferd!"

Fallah (ファラー,   Farā) is a fictional extraterrestrial parasite that existed on Earth in the 1990s, and is a central recurring theme in the 1996 television series Guyferd. While it had incredible potential as a medicine, it could also be used as a mutagen to transform humans into powerful monsters called Mutians. It was sought by Crown to aid in their plans for global domination and later destruction.


Fallah's true nature is unknown due to its extraterrestrial origin, but its moniker of "virus" implies that it is a complex molecule harboring DNA or RNA that is only capable of reproduction once it is in contact with a living host. It is not certain how long Fallah had existed on Earth by the time of Guyferd. Takeo Shiroishi, who worked extensively with the substance, believed it was capable of becoming a world-changing medicine used to treat diseases including cancers and immunodeficiency viruses.[1] He worked in part to discover the theoretical state of "guyferd" in which a human being would be in perfect harmony with the Fallah. Crown took particular interest in Fallah after an accident at Shiroishi's laboratory resulted in the horrible mutation of his assistant Kihara. Using this discovery, Crown began creating mutant soldiers called Mutians as a part of their "ultimate trooper" initiative. Go Kazama became the first to experience the guyferd state, and took on a superhero persona of the same name. Later on, Crown would be able to replicate this state to create a new race of soldiers called Metalferds.


Fallah is a green slime that may have a rudimentary thought process, as it operates as a single unit instead of as many virus cells, and can be seen "melting" into the skin of people exposed to it. Furthermore, before gaining his humanoid form, Zodiac appears as a steaming vessel of the fluid. Fallah in Crown's possession typically is stored and transported in a special syringe-like device consisting of a clear tube containing the substance in a protective metal casing with a large plunger on the top. Despite this, Fallah is not injected, but rather released to make contact with the host.



"The Birth of Guyferd!"

After an lab accident horribly mutated his assistant Kihara and gave her immense strength and power, resulting in her untimely death, project lead Takeo Shiroishi went outside to a trash can and began burning all of his research, believing that Fallah was too dangerous for use as medicine. He was then approached by his employer Bicross, who informed him that he had been replaced on the project by Megumi Shion, who had backups of all of his data before taking Shiroishi prisoner. She then used Fallah to mutate a kidnapped martial artist into the first true Mutian: Jerks.



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