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Guyferd in Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd
Subtitle(s) GX-04 (,   Jī Ekkusu Zero Fō)[1]
Species Metalferd,
Human (formerly)
Height 1.84 meters (Go),[2]
1.9 meters (Guyferd)[1]
Weight 65 kilograms (Go),[2]
95 kilograms (Guyferd)[1]
Forms Go Kazama, Guyferd
Relations Deathferd (Brother)
Allies Takeo Shiroishi, Rei Kujo,
Yu Kujo, Yuji Nakano
Enemies All Guyferd kaiju
Played by Hiroyuki Kawai (Go), Seiji Mori (Guyferd)
First appearance Guyferd episode 1: "The Birth of Guyferd"
Latest appearance Guyferd episode 26: "Eternal Vow"

Guyferd (ガイファード,   Gaifādo), real name Go Kazama (風間剛,   Kazama Gō) is a kaijin created by Toho and Capcom that first appeared in the 1996 tokusatsu kaiju series, Guyferd.

Guyferd was the protagonist of the tenth tokusatsu hero television program to be created by Toho, but was the first to be co-produced with Capcom studios. Guyferd is the secret identity of pacifistic Kenōryū martial arts prodigy Go Kazama, who returned to Japan to search for his missing brother Masato. During the search, he is kidnapped by the evil Crown Corporation and his innards are gutted and replaced with a robotic endoskeleton, while still retaining his personality and memories. Unbeknownst to him, he had been treated with the mysterious Fallah virus, and his attempts to use his martial arts mastery to save others from the mutant monsters created by Crown allows him to enter perfect harmony with the Fallah inside him and obtain the Guyferd state which allows him to use his ki to perform powerful energy attacks. Throughout the series, Go and his friends save the world from the threats of Crown and their leader Zodiac, who plans to eliminate all humans on Earth.


The name "Guyferd" is a title given to the hypothetical condition of a human merging perfectly with the alien Fallah Virus, theorized by former Crown researcher Takeo Shiroishi. When he was converted into a Guyborg and mutated with Fallah, Go Kazama became the first of the Metalferds, and took the name of the Guyferd State for his new persona.


As Guyferd, Go sports a red outfit with silver adornments akin to Jet Jaguar and Ultraman. He wears a helmet with three fin-like protrusions and a crystal on the brow. His belt, chest, shoulders, fingers and eyes have a gold color.



"The Birth of Guyferd"

After hearing that his brother Masato Kazama had gone missing, Go Kazama returned to Japan from his five years abroad to look for him. He visited Masato's former Kenouryu kenpo dojo. Unfortunately, the dojo master proved less than helpful and tried to fight Go, who humiliated him even though he had given up fighting. A student named Rei Kujo told him that Masato had been kidnapped, and later on, the master called to apologize and give him a lead on Masato's whereabouts. Unfortunately, he betrayed Go, and he was turned over to Crown: an organization that wanted physically disciplined individuals to convert into Guyborgs. He was stunned with 50,000 volts of electricity and dreamed of Masato trying to fight him before being shattered by his brother's punch. When Go awakens from his sedation, he finds himself wearing a Guyborg's uniform. Crown's leader, Mr. Bikross, informed Go that he was now a Guyborg, a soldier to protect the earth. Go stated his desire to decide his fate for himself, before he was shot several times from a gun in the wall, only to discover that he had not been harmed. The facility's power then went out, and he was able to escape, and watched as three other Guyborgs fought an escaping test subject named Jerks, who is really Taki after having been exposed to the mysterious Fallah virus. Jerks destroys the other Guyborgs while Go watches from a short distance. He is soon approached by Takeo Shiroishi, who explained Taki's condition. Jerks then attacks Shiroishi, and Go stepped in to save him. Because he was fighting to save Shiroishi, Go awakened the Guyferd state and defeated Jerks. He and Shiroishi then escaped Crown together.

"Go in Danger!"

Go awakens after a dream about fighting Jerks, causing him to believe that it had all been a dream, but discovers that it was real when he bends the metal bed frame by touching it. He is then approached by Shiroishi, and the two began to discuss why Go did not become a Mutian when exposed to Fallah. They conclude that it is because he and the Fallah are in symbiosis, and that the Fallah activates when he focuses his ki to enter the Guyferd state. The two return to Taki's dojo, where they find Rei and Yu Kujo attempting to find Masato by themselves. They part ways, and Go saves them from Doggross, who is quickly collected by Crown. While searching for clues about Masato, the Kujos are used as bait for Go, who refuses to transform into Guyferd while fighting in order to preserve his secret. When Shiroishi gets the Kujos away from the battle, Go transforms and defeats Dogross, but after learning that anger triggers the Guyferd state, Go begins to question his humanity.

"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

While following a lead on Masato's whereabouts, Go encounters Bolguiss, and cannot transform to defend himself, leading to him being knocked off a dam. He then goes to the mountains to find Jimyo, a warrior priest in the mountains, who teaches him about the seven kis of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Star, and Wind. He begins to train Go in the kis, and is eventually found by Yu Kujo, who tells him that Crown is setting bombs on a dam, causing Go to leave his training to take care of it. When he arrives, he finds that Bolguiss is holding Rei Kujo captive. Go fights and defeats Bolguiss while she and the rest of the group who had rescued her defused the explosives.

"Escape from the Genetic Laboratory"

After Yu Kujo was kidnapped, Go then picked up a trail of ki energy which he, Shiroishi, and Rei followed to a Crown facility where they learned that Yu and the other children were going to be used as test subjects in Crown's experiments. Inside the facility, Go found Megumi Shion who offered to spare the kids if he submitted himself to experimentation. Go, knowing that Shion would only yake him and the kids for her experiments, began to fight Shion, who called out the Mutian Spirass to fight for her. Go defeated the female Mutian, forcing Crown to evacuate their facility.

"Operation Battle Killer"

After Shiroishi rescued a fellow former Crown researcher, Go was charged with watching him as he recovered. The man brought Go out to a mountain overlooking the city, and revealed himself to be Guyborg 801. 801 held Guyferd down while Antaleess monologued before accidentally destroying Guybord 801 and freeing Go, allowing him to transform and defeat him.

"Blood-thirst! Homicidal Sound Waves"

After spying a Mutian in news footage of a truck accident, Go and Shiroishi decided to find it. They were met by Detective Yuji Nakano, who sent them away when they got to the news studio tape room and they were attacked by the Mutian Guilpulss on their way out. Nakano saw this, and they became allies in tracking the Mutian down, and Guyferd defeated it with Nakano's help.

"Crown's Strongest Warrior"

After a dying J-Force soldier begged Go to rescue his teammates, Go enlisted Yu's help in locating them. They tracked the soldiers down to a Crown Facility, and on seeing a roster of people ready to become Mutians, he realized that his brother was inside. After rescuing the prisoners, Guyferd was approached by Mr. Bikross, who turned himself into a Mutian by using a small vial of Fallah on himself. Go nearly defeated Bikross, but Deathferd was called in as backup. Go was defeated, but was woken up by his brothe, who had met with Rei Kujo on his way out of the facility and was sent to his brother's location. Masato then revealed to Go that he too was a Guyborg, and they agreed to take down Crown together.

"Confrontation of Destiny!"

After Shiroishi began to question weather or not Masato really was a Guyborg, Go became frustrated with him and said that he was trying to stop them from defeating Crown. They soon learned of Crown's new headquarters and split up to infiltrate it. After defeating Mr. Bikross, the brothers prepared to leave, but Masato attacked Go and revealed that he was Deathferd. Deathferd and several Fangs then attacked him, and he did his best not to fight his brother. Deathferd then teleported into the building, and it exploded shortly after. Go broke into tears on the surrounding beach.

"Crown's Ambition!"

After losing Masato, Go fell into a bout of depression. When Rei Kujo tried to comfort him, and Go revealed that he was once again questioning his humanity. Rei assured him that he still had his human heart and, believing that with Crown destroyed he could abandon the Guyferd identity, he prepared to resume his travels. While wandering the city, Go saw a woman that he believes is Megumi Shion, and pursued her. They ended up in the same elevator, and Shion revealed to Go that she had been converted to a Cyborg after the explosion. Shion took go down to Metal Master, the new head of Crown. Metal Master enticed Go to transform, before Crown's true leader, the puppetmaster Zodiac, sent out a Metalferd soldier named Dragos to fight Go, who had lost control of his ki. Zodiac then asked Go to join crown in their quest to eliminate humans to prevent them from destroying the Earth. Dragos defeated Go in his weakened state, but Zodiac told Go to leave to think about his offer. When Go returned to his apartment, he discovered that Dr. Shiroishi had left a note, and deduced that his friends were in danger.

"Defeat Metalferd"




The Gaiksou technique allows Go to transform into Guyferd.

Ultimate Star Fist (Kyouksouken)

Utilizing Star energy, Guyferd can deliver this powerful move as his final attack.

Blazing Hit

Utilizing Fire energy, Guyferd rapidly punches his opponent before using a smashing blow with his right fist.

Landmine Shock

Utilizing Earth energy, Guyferd deliver a crushing kick upside the head at blinding speed.

Air Flower Dance

Utilizing Natural energy, Guyferd repeatedly execute a drop kick attack on his opponent.

Depthcharge Attack

Utilizing Metal energy, Guyferd uses the air currents to deliver a flying drop kick against his opponents.

Smashing Hit Kick

Utilizing Water energy, Guyferd uses a drop kick to severely wound an opponent.

Thrusting Dragon Attack

Utilizing Aerial energy, Guyferd delivers a destructive ‘cross’ karate chop attack.

Combined Energy Ultimate Star Fist

Used in the final episode of the series. A powerful attack resulting from the combination of Guyferd's and Deathferd's Kyokuseikens.


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