Jimei Isurugi

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Jimei Isurugi
Itsurugi in Guyferd
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Karate master
First appearance Guyferd
episode 3, "Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"
Latest appearance Guyferd
episode 26, "Eternal Vow"
Played by Gen Idemitsu
People live under the influence of destiny. Pain and misfortune are given to those who need them. Breaking through obstacles for the happiness of everyone, and fulfilling the role Heaven has given you. That is the heart of Kenouryu.

— Jimei to Go Kazama. (Guyferd episode 3, "Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!")

Jimei Isurugi (石動 慈明,   Isurugi Jimei) is the master of the Kenouryu fighting style in the 1996 Toho/TV Tokyo television series Guyferd, based on a scenario from Capcom.


Heisei era


"Did You See It? The Ultimate Supertransformation!"

Jimei sensed something ill-at-ease while sitting in his dojo at the birthplace of Kenouryu. He sent his disciples Godo and Yashamaru out to help, and they brought back his old student Go Kazama, who had attained a new and different ki from the last time they had met. Go had been en route to the dojo, in search of clues about his brother Masato's recent disappearance. Go insisted that he had become a monster, only seeking his next battle, but Jimei rejected this notion. He explained that however he had come by this power, it was the influence of destiny that had brought it to him, and that using it for the benefit of others, and the pursuit of overcoming the darkness inherent in all people was the foundational tenet of Kenoryu. Remembering an encounter with Masato, in which he insisted that Jimei teach his brother the ultimate techniques of Kenouryu, and suspected that he knew something bad was coming. He explained to Go, that there are eight ultimate techniques of Kenouryu, with five for the basic elements of life, fire, wood, earth, metal, and water. The star, and air techniques are added to correspond to the seven interior kis, with an eighth defensive technique that armors the user. With Go having already mastered the star and fire techniques, Jimei has him train in the other six techniques, while using the defensive technique to erect an invisible ki barrier around the grounds. He maintained this barrier, and trained Go through visions, enforcing the idea that ki was not just a spiritual concept, but an energy flowing through all living things, and that by allowing yourself to become one with it, you are able to use it effectively.



  • Jimei is the master of the Kenouryu style of karate, and can perfectly execute all eight of its supreme techniques.

Ki manipulation

  • Jimei is able to manifest his life force into the physical world as mysterious energy for attacks and defense.


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