Greta Karbone

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Greta Karbone
Greta Karbone in Gamera (comic)
Species Human
Occupation Biologist
Related to Viras (mentally bonded), Gusano (lover)
First appearance Latest appearance
Gamera #1 Gamera #4

Greta Karbone is a fictional biologist who appeared in the 1996 Dark Horse comic Gamera. She serves as the series' main antagonist, along with her creation Viras.



Gamera #1

At one point in her life, Karbone was regarded as a "brilliant yet demented" biologist, who at one point in her career faked her death, and allowed the world to believe she had been carried off by wild apes, in an attempt to divert the scientific regulatory agencies from her work. After moving to a private island in Guanajota, Mexico, and securing a great deal of contraband materials such as Gyaos DNA, and radioactive materials at low prices through Ukraine, she and her assistants Gusano and Carlos successfully were able to clone Gyaos and create several other mutants. However, one day, the Gyaos clone grew too big for its containment jar and escaped. It managed to eat Carlos before flying through the roof. Karbone then, under the alias of Patty Smith, invited Mayumi Nagamine, an ornithologist who had been instrumental in Gyaos' defeat one year prior, to the island under the guise of having seen a thought-to-be extinct bird: the emerald-crested dapplinger. As they sailed to "Smith"'s island, Gusano suggested that they should search for the bird in the morning, which roused Nagamine's suspicion. Karbone quickly swept this under the rug as it being Gusno's fear of the dark resulting from an encounter with a nocturnal creature. As they hiked through the jungle to the laboratory, Nagamine found a pile of Gyaos droppings, which led to her telling Gusano to inform the mainland that Gyaos had returned. Karbone played dumb and allowed Nagamine to explain Gyaos to her before showing her the lab with the mutants. There she and Gusano described their predicament. Karbone then unmasked herself and revealed her plan to Nagamine: to force her into creating new supermonsters under their control.

Gamera #2

On learning that her clone of Gyaos had been incinerated by Gamera at Guanajota Harbor, Greta went to where Gusano was holding Dr. Nagamine captive to tell her that no harm had been done as a result of her experiments. Nagamine shot her down, and claimed that Karbone was responsible for the damages and loss of life Gyaos had caused. Karbone then reminded Nagamine that the point of her experiments was to create controllable monsters, but Nagamine claimed that monsters could not be controlled, as they had minds of their own. Karbone then grew angry and stormed out, bidding Gusano to tie Nagamine to her chair. Gusano then revealed to Nagamine the story of how he had met Greta. Nagamine came to Mexico to work in solitude on her unorthodox projects, and they had met while she was drunk at a nightclub. They began to work together, and had great fun doing so until they were successful in creating life. At that point, she became cold and obsessed with her work, particularly with the specimen she called Viras. Even Greta noticed that her dedication to Viras was causing her to neglect the other specimens, and eventually, unbeknownst to her, Viras took over her mind and made her a pawn in its plan for world domination. Shortly after he had finished the story, the laboratory exploded due to Nagamine's ticking Gusano. Karbone waited for Gusano to reach her, and ordered that he save Viras, and when he asked about the other mutations, she told him to leave them. The two then escaped to their mini-submarine, and with Viras in tow, Gusano apologized for having lost all of their work, but Karbone assured him that they had saved the only thing that mattered: Viras.

Gamera #3

After three weeks in the mini-sub, Greta had dismantled the air filters, which made the fact that she had not recently showered quite apparent to Gusano, who voiced his desire to return to the surface to take care of their respective personal hygiene. Greta, however, told him that their lives no longer mattered, as they were now in the service of Viras, the supreme being and the final stage of technological evolution, which they would be helping to enslave the human race. However, the only obstacle in their way was Gamera. Gusano expressed his growing concern with her obsession with the now fully-grown Viras, and said that he believed it might be affecting her. Greta berated him for this, and because of her having injected her own brain fluid into Viras, its telepathic abilities were enhanced, and it was given the capacity to plan and reason, and that since their minds had become linked, her thoughts had ceased to matter, as she had dedicated herself to serving Viras. She then revealed that the bond their brains shared allowed her to become aware of energies only tangible to supermonsters, which she planned to use to take control of Gamera using the device she had built from the air filters. The device was tuned to the frequency of the energies, which allowed them to locate a conductor to allow them to take control of Gamera in Paris, France. She sent Gusano to retrieve it, and it turned out to be a small amulet, which proved to be just the conductor Greta had been looking for, which she noted as she climbed up the Eiffel Tower.

Gamera #4

While atop the Eiffel Tower, Greta continued to use Gamera as a shield in order to weaken it, and to allow Viras to continue its rampage in an effort to buy it enough time for humanity to surrender to Viras' control. However, while she was enjoying the carnage, Gusano came to the realization that Viras had taken control of her, and would discard her when she was no longer necessary, and so, while proclaiming that he loved her, he tore the amulet off of her neck and threw it to the ground. Unfortunately, his declaration of love did not register in Greta's possessed ears, and she jumped off the tower to grab at it. Her body was never found.



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