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Freena in Gamera (comic)
Species Broomark
Occupation Bio-Weapon Retrieval Specialist
First appearance Gamera

Freena is a hip-talking alien bio-weapon hunter from the planet Broomark that first appeared in the 1996 comic Gamera by Dark Horse Comics.



Gamera #2

While sleeping in her ship on her universal travels, Freena received an alert on her ship's computer, notifying her that the escaped biological weapon Zigra had escaped from her home planet, and she sped her ship off to find it.

Gamera #3

When she arrived on Earth, she discovered that Zigra had been killed, and had to think of another plan. She parked her ship with its cloaking on over Paris, France after watching human television to determine that Mayumi Nagamine was the planet's leading authority on supermonsters, to ask if there were any other gigantic pests besides Zigra that she could take back to her employer; however, she discovered after teleporting Nagamine onto her ship that she had taken up another person as well. As she explained her situation to the two humans, the ship was attacked without warning because the sensors were off in cloaking mode. Freena took off the cloak and they saw Viras in the middle of the city, attacking. On seeing Viras, Freena rejoiced at the prospect of not returning to her client empty-handed, but Lutz noted that Gamera was fast approaching, and that Viras might not be around much longer, however, Gamera dove in front of a missile headed for Viras, and the ensuing explosion caused severe engine damage to Freena's ship, causing it to begin to overheat, and put them at risk of exploding.

Gamera #4

After diverting all coolant to the engine core, Dr. Nagamine noted that attacking the humans was out of Gamera's character. Freena then discovered an energy trail in between Gamera and a large metal structure, which was in reality the Eiffel Tower. Nagamine noticed Viras' puppets, Greta Karbone and Gusano, on the tower, and asked Freena to teleport her to them. Freena complied, while wondering if the blast that had damaged the engine had not also damaged the teleporter. In an attempt to repair the ship, Freena left Lutz at the helm while she entered the engine room. With the two communicating over radio, Freena had Lutz fire an anesthetic at Viras, but he missed, and Viras attacked them. Needing the ship to be steady to make the necessary repairs, Freena had Lutz fly the ship closer to the tower, as they would be safe if they were near to Viras' allies. However, shortly after repositioning, Gusano dove into the engine core, causing the main thruster to ignite, sending the ship haywire. When it finally crashed, Freena contacted Lutz to tell him that because of the haywire thruster, the ship would soon explode and she began to say her last goodbye when Gusano tore out the unstable core and fled the ship. Freena never saw Lutz or Nagamine again, although Lutz noted that she could have easily gone unnoticed forever amidst the wacky fashions worn in Paris.



  • Freena speaks primarily in an American Jive-like slang dialect, which is, according to her, the closest approximation of the Broomark language.
  • Freena's attire resembles the attire worn by the Japanese astronaut Chikako Sugawara when she was under Zigra's control in Gamera vs. Zigra.


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