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Gamera, also known on its covers and in Japan as Gamera: The Guardian of the Universe (ガメラ:宇宙の守護神,   Gamera: Uchū no Shugoshin), is a four-issue comic book miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics in 1996. It serves as a follow-up to the 1995 film Gamera the Guardian of the Universe, with Asagi Kusanagi and Dr. Mayumi Nagamine returning as Gamera battles a clone of Gyaos and new versions of Zigra and Viras.

The comic was localized in Japan in 2018 by Phase Six as a collected volume containing all four issues, with Matt Frank's dōjinshi The Last Hope included as a bonus. It was released once again in the United States and the United Kingdom along with The Last Hope as part of Arrow Video's Gamera: The Complete Collection Blu-ray box set on July 28, 2020.


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