Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #20

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #19
Issue #20
Issue #21
"Dawn of the Trilopods"
Cover A of issue #20 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,588[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Dawn of the Trilopods" is the twentieth issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on January 28, 2015.


It’s Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla for the ultimate rematch. The Cryog invasion reaches its zenith as new monsters attack across the globe! What unexpected character will Lucy meet?


As the Trilopod Hunting Pod rushes past the orbiting Cryog ship on its way through Earth's atmosphere, a Cryog underling reports that it just missed their ship. Commander Rhizon notes that the pod wasn't meant for them and this is why he didn't want the distress beacon sent out. Seeing no more reason to hide, Rhizon commands the ones who sent the pod to show themselves. A massive Cryog fleet reveals themselves with a massive hive-like structure in tow. The leader of this fleet, Emperor Karkaro, asks Rhizon if this is better before stating that he will not ask permission to come aboard his ship, to which the commander reluctantly complies. Karkaro notes that Rhizon seems tense in his presence and assures him that there's no threat to him. Rhizon remarks how this is coming from the one who has an armed escort, but Karkaro replies by saying that this is no way to be reunited, and that this is a time for celebration. Karkaro's "most gifted warrior" has been found. The emperor asks if Rhizon's happy to see him again, to which the commander sarcastically says that he's beyond thrilled before advising Karkaro's shock troopers to stay on his vessel. Karkaro dismisses this and notes that Rhizon's fleet has been depleted, asking him if he's encountered any trouble along his way. Rhizon explains that they were ambushed by a monster, to which Karkaro replies that the solar system is teeming with them, particularly Earth as it gives off powerful bio-energy. The emperor asks if his commander had conquered it yet, to which Rhizon replies that he's had his trouble and that sending a platoon to the surface is unnecessary, as he's in control of this delicate situation. Rhizon notes that the scout ship Karkaro sent almost hit them on its way to Earth. However, Karkaro reveals that Rhizon was the scout, and the Trilopod Pods are the "hunters".

Meanwhile, in Peru, the Trilopods, both Alphas and Betas, exit the Hunting Pod and face Godzilla and Megaguirus. As the Trilopods attack, Godzilla slams an Alpha with his tail as another one overwhelms Megaguirus, piercing her flesh with its pedipalps and absorbing her DNA. Another Alpha Trilopod bites into Godzilla's leg, but is stomped to death by the King of the Monsters. Before he can blast two more Alphas with his atomic breath, however, a Beta slams him to the ground and uses its scythes to clamp Godzilla's jaws shut as the two Alphas pierce into his flesh. As Godzilla looks on in horror, an Alpha climbs on top the Beta and fuses with it, creating a new Trilopod that resembles Megaguirus. Godzilla manages to break free and blast his atomic breath at the Alpha Trilopod pair on top of him, decapitating one of them before killing the other by crushing its neck in his jaws. As the Megaguirus-Trilopod confronts Godzilla, Megaguirus attempts to escape in the chaos. However, Godzilla flings the Alpha Trilopod carcass at her, knocking her out of the sky. The Megaguirus-Trilopod fires a massive laser beam at Godzilla, knocking him unconscious and burying Megaguirus under a pile of rubble. The Megaguirus-Trilopod grabs Godzilla and flies up into the air as it leaves Peru. The Megaguirus-Trilopod's movements are being tracked by the Monster Islands facility, as an operative reports that it's leaving the area. Steven Woods orders for him to keep track of the target. He proceeds to call Lucy Casprell, telling her that he's having her team extracted out of Brazil and warns her not to go near the dead Meganulon and Meganula inside the pit, as they're highly radioactive thanks to Godzilla's atomic breath. He tells Lucy that her ride is on the way before hanging up. The Shobijin ask why didn't Woods tell Lucy about what they warned him about Minette and Mallory, to which Woods explains that she's a kid who's been through a lot and that there's no need to freak her out any further. They exclaim that she's adult and that her life is in danger, so she has a right to know. Woods says that he's doing what he can to keep Lucy safe and orders the Shobijin not to tell him how to do that. Chavez arrives and reports Godzilla and Megaguirus's fight in Machu Picchu and the arrival of something else. When asked what that "something else" is, Chavez explains that they're still working on that, but it matches an object tracked by NORAD from space. The target that just left Peru could be Godzilla, another monster, or both. Woods asks the Shobijin if this is the "dark presence" they were talking about, but the twins sense the arrival of Battra, stating that "they've found them."

Battra arrives on the Monster Islands, catching the attention of the other monsters. A CKR operative reports that he's approaching fact as Woods and the Shobijin note that the other monsters can sense him. Battra attacks the Mothra Larvae with his Prism Beams, much to the Shobijin's horror. Woods orders for the submission cloud to be laid down so that the larvae can have some cover while they retreat, and for the patrolling ships to shoot Battra out of the sky. The patrol ships fire on Battra, but are quickly destroyed by his claws and Prism Beams. The Shobijin note that Battra won't stop until the larvae are dead, and by extension the humans on the island. Woods acknowledges this, but states that they'll give him a fight before they go. However, another CKR operative reports several other Trilopod hunting pods landing right onto the islands. Karkaro declares that there's nothing on Earth to fear, as its inhabitants are no match for the Trilopods. When Rhizon asks where he knew the monsters were, Karkaro explains that the Trilopods found them. They sniff out their prey and be done with them. Despite the Trilopods usually destroying prey during the initial harvesting process, they'll keep the monsters around for a while. He notes that the monsters were already being kept around and that there's no better way to soil someone's plan than to use the creatures against themselves. Karkaro assures Rhizon that he'll take care of Earth for him and that the monster that attacked his ship, SpaceGodzilla, has crashed into the Earth's surface in Los Angeles. As Karkaro notes that the Trilopods will grow especially powerful from absorbing his abilities, the giant insectoid monsters pierce into SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals and combine into a single creature resembling SpaceGodzilla while the Megaguirus-Trilopod carries Godzilla to the battlefield. Karkaro notes that SpaceGodzilla will serve as an excellent host for not just the Trilopods, but for the hive as well. The Megaguirus-Trilopod drops Godzilla right into the fray as he and SpaceGodzilla face the SpaceGodzilla-Trilopod and its subordinates. Rhizon fearfully asks what Karkaro's doing, to which the emperor tells him that he's doing what the commander should have done all along. They conquer, they destroy. Whatever Rhizon's plans for Earth were, "they end now."



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