Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #25

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #24
Issue #25
Cover A of issue #25 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry, Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry
Art by Matt Frank, Jeff Zornow
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,707[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"End" is the twenty-fifth and final issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on July 8, 2015.


The incredible finale to the longest-running Godzilla series ever is here! The final battle between the monsters of Earth and the Cryog forces will prove deadly for many. Will Earth survive?


In the ruins of Los Angeles, Godzilla finds himself surrounded by Trilopods bearing the characteristics of himself, Anguirus, Titanosaurus, Baragon, Kumonga, Rodan, Varan, Gaira, Sanda, Kamoebas, Gorosaurus, and Gezora. Godzilla briefly attempts to communicate with the Anguirus-Trilopod, but the doppelgänger fails to comply and bites into his leg as the Gorosaurus-Trilopod kangaroo kicks him into a building. As Godzilla gets back up to battle the Trilopods, Cryog Emperor Karkaro tells his former commander Rhizon that the King of the Monsters is no match for the creatures and that he'll allow his former subordinate to live long enough to see him die. An underling tells him that a massive human force is closing in, to which the Emperor assures him that the Trilopods will handle them. The underling tells him that it's a large force including two massive signals. The Emperor asks if they jettisoned the hybrid from the last Hunting Pod to arrive yet, to which the underling explains that while it's landed, there's a problem. As Karkaro asks what problem, King Caesar rips a Beta Trilopod in half before climbing down the Hive.

Lucy Casprell, Jason Ford, Kristina Sumres, and the Shobijin exit the pod with Lucy asking where they are and Jason asking why King Caesar protected them. The Shobijin explain that he knows Earth needs him again and that the monsters must join forces to save the planet. As King Caesar attempts to free Kamoebas, Lucy realizes that Steven Woods was trying to contact her and calls him back as he orders for a strike to begin and for his forces to not target Godzilla. An overjoyed Woods asks if she's okay, to which she confirms and explains how King Caesar killed a Trilopod and that they were traveling when he did so, but they don't know where they are. Woods tells her that they're in Los Angeles and she needs to stay put, as Woods' forces will come get them. Lucy tells him that she doesn't know how long it'll be safe in the hive as King Caesar frees the other kaiju. Woods orders central command to focus fire on the monsters surrounding Godzilla, but to not fire on the hive as it has people inside that the team will extract. Central command tells him that air support will be in their position in three minutes and asks where they are, to which Woods tells them that they're two miles out and that they need to move fast as he doesn't know how much longer Godzilla will last.

The King of the Monsters is brought back to his feet by the Baragon- and Varan-Trilopods, only to be slammed back down from behind by the Rodan-Trilopod. However, a massive fighter squadron fire their payload onto the Trilopods surrounding him, allowing MOGUERA and Kiryu to land and assist the King of the Monsters. They fire their respective energy beams at the Trilopods, to which the creatures retaliate with the Baragon-Trilopod blasting Kiryu with its fire breath, only to be frozen by the mecha's Absolute Zero Cannon and smashed to smithereens. However, it's brought down by the Rodan-Trilopod, while MOGUERA is blown down by the Titanosaurus-Trilopod's tail fin. The Gaira- and Sanda-Trilopods try to pounce on Godzilla, only for the former to get kicked away and blasted by his atomic breath. MOGUERA blasts the Titanosaurus-Trilopod with its Plasma Laser and Plasma Maser Cannons before Woods orders for the jets to circle around again and assist the mechas. However, the squadron has multiple targets inbound and they're circling to engage them. He asks Seeker Two what's his status, to which he replies that they're trying to get a line of sight with one of the Godzilla-Trilopods as it blasts Jet Jaguar into a building with its atomic breath. As the Trilopod closes in, Zilla rushes in and slits the creature's throat with his dorsal fins while Jet Jaguar restrains it. As Zilla mauls the Trilopod with his teeth and claws, Jet Jaguar flies off to engage the Cryog fleet in Earth's atmosphere.

Meanwhile, on Karkaro's flagship, Rhizon tells him that his fleet should be crossing paths with Gigan soon. Karkaro tells Rhizon that he knows better than to bring his Emperor another monster, but the former commander tells him that Gigan is "no ordinary monster" and that he's fast, intelligent, and lethal. Gigan attacks the Cryog ships and dodges their laser cannons, causing the ships to shoot each other by mistake. After sustaining heavy losses from Gigan, the Cryog fleet is ordered by Karkaro to regroup over the planet's surface, as they will not retreat. Rhizon snarks at him about continuing to make mistakes, to which the Emperor responds by having his prison cell open so that he can kill his former commander himself and stating that the only mistake he's made is not finishing him off sooner. However, an underling reports that Gigan is heading towards their ships as Rhizon takes advantage of the distraction and takes Karkaro hostage. Rhizon orders Karkaro's guards to lay down their weapons or else he'll kill the Emperor. Karkaro tells him that he won't escape, to which Rhizon states that none of them will leave the planet alive.

Back in Los Angeles, Godzilla, Kiryu, and MOGUERA continue to battle the Trilopods. The Gorosaurus-Trilopod tries to bite Godzilla, but the King of the Monsters ducks under the attack and responds by punching it in the face. However, a Titanosaurus-Trilopod grabs a Kamoebas-Trilopod by the neck with its jaws and throws it at Godzilla, only for him to blast it with his atomic breath. As Godzilla looks on, the Titanosaurus- and Kumonga-Trilopods tear MOGUERA apart while the Varan- and Sanda-Trilopods destroy Kiryu by ripping its head off. As he finds himself surrounded, Godzilla roars at the top of his lungs to the point where Jet Jaguar, Gigan, and the kaiju in the Hive can hear it. Chavez notes that he roared louder than ever before, to which Woods speculates that he might have had enough or he was calling for help. The latter is confirmed when King Caesar leads the other kaiju out of the hive and onto the battlefield. Woods tells Lucy to stay put, as his team found a way into the hive thanks to the kaiju and they're coming to get her and her friends. As Jet Jaguar attacks the Cryog ships in the atmosphere, an underling tries to report on the monsters' escape to Karkaro before being told to step away from the console by Rhizon. Karkaro defiantly states that he won't get away with this, but Rhizon tells him to look at what awaits them all. Karkaro has brought all the world's strongest creatures together and now they're free. The Trilopods are losing, and now they've attracted the attention of both Gigan and Jet Jaguar. Once again, the Cryogs are doomed because of Karkaro. The Emperor asks Rhizon if he thinks he brought the monsters here to fight before telling him that the Trilopods would've just killed them if they could. He tells him that they were food meant for another monster: Magita. Karkaro forces Rhizon to push a button, causing the flagship to bombard the hive with its laser cannons and destroy it to free Magita. As Jet Jaguar engages Gigan and Earth's monsters battle the Trilopods, Lucy and her friends try to escape through a pore with an injured Woods lagging behind. Before the pore can close, Woods pushes Lucy out before being seemingly crushed by one of Magita's claws.

Meanwhile, the battle against the Trilopods is going well for the kaiju as Rodan flies over several of the hybrids, knocking them off balance. Godzilla slams into the Sanda-Trilopod with his tail, while Titanosaurus and his doppelgänger trade blows with their tail fins. Baragon burns the Kumonga-Trilopod to a crisp, while Kumonga ensnares the Anguirus-Trilopod with his webbing. The Titanosaurus-Trilopod disorients Godzilla and Varan with wind from its tail fin, only to be mauled by Zilla as King Caesar engages the Rodan-Trilopod and rips it in half. Gorosaurus bites into the Varan-Trilopod, Rodan crushes the throat of the Anguirus-Trilopod, and Gaira rips a tentacle off of the Gezora-Trilopod as Anguirus curls into a ball and slams into it. The remaining Trilopods are slaughtered by the kaiju, only for Godzilla to notice Magita emerging from the remains of the hive. Magita bats King Caesar aside as Kumonga fires at it with his webbing and Anguirus bounces off its head. Varan and Zilla attack one of its feet, but are easily kicked away as Godzilla fires his atomic breath at it and Rodan slams into it. Meanwhile, Gigan and Jet Jaguar continue their battle on top of the Cryog ship. Jet Jaguar uppercuts Gigan, only for the cyborg to cut into the robot's leg and midsection with his chainsaws. Gigan tries to attack Jet Jaguar with his chainsaws, but his attack is redirected into the hull of the Cryog ship, killing the crew and causing it to fall out of the sky. Jet Jaguar restrains Gigan as Rhizon tells Karkaro that he lost both their home world and what was to be their new one before stating that he never deserved to grow the crown around his neck. Karkaro assures Rhizon that there's no escape and that Magita will win. Rhizon responds by telling him that there's no victory here and, should he wish to continue fighting, to wait for him, as he'll be seeing him soon before throwing his former Emperor into Gigan's chainsaws, killing him. The Cryog ship crashes into Magita, killing Rhizon, as the explosion throws the Earth's monsters into the air. With his allies incapacitated, Godzilla absorbs their energy and blasts Magita with a red Hyper Spiral Ray. As Lucy and her friends look on, the young woman feels that Godzilla is stronger than ever before, asking the others if they feel the same thing. Chavez tells her that they don't feel anything and that they're lucky to survive what just happened. However, they still need to find Woods. The Shobijin say that they can feel it too and explain that Godzilla needs the energy to win, but when the energy's spent, he might not survive. Godzilla blocks one of Magita's claws before firing another shot of his Hyper Spiral Ray at its face. He blasts his way into the creature's mouth and emits a massive red-hued nuclear pulse inside the creature, incinerating Magita and ending the Trilopod threat once and for all.

As an exhausted Godzilla lies in the resulting crater, the other monsters come to, while Lucy and her friends find Woods within the rubble, fatally injured due to being impaled on a metal rod. Chavez tearfully and jokingly tells him to stop with the heroics and to leave some of it for him, to which the dying soldier complies before succumbing to his injuries. Godzilla trudges into the ocean with the rest of Earth's monsters following close behind him. As Lucy, Chavez, and their friends mourn Woods' death, they see Godzilla give out one last roar before heading out to sea. After Woods' funeral, Chavez takes over the CKR, with new weaponry such as a Maser Cannon and the Gotengo being added to the arsenal. Jet Jaguar is seen being repaired by Dr. Yumi Nagata and Professor Kenji Ando as a news feed shows the twin Mothra larvae forming their cocoons. The kaiju scatter throughout the world, Gigan is being repaired in an unidentified location next to a Mechagodzilla, and Godzilla is seen sleeping at the bottom of the ocean. Lucy states in the essay she's writing that she learned from the Shobijin that there will be things willing to stand up for the planet. Living, breathing things that will make sure that "good prevails." Those things are the qualities that the pure of heart have, like love and respect, and it's those who are the pure of heart that are the true "rulers of Earth."



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