Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #19

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Godzilla: Rulers of Earth
Issue #18
Issue #19
Issue #20
"Signal to End"
Cover A of issue #19 by Matt Frank
Story by Chris Mowry,
Matt Frank
Written by Chris Mowry

Art by Matt Frank
Colors by Priscilla Tramontano
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Bobby Curnow
Sales 6,964[1]
Godzilla: Rulers of Earth

"Signal to End" is the 19th issue of Godzilla: Rulers of Earth. It was released on December 17, 2014.


Battle comes to Earth like never before! Humanity struggles to withstand the outer space onslaught. What will be the fate of the inhabitants of Monster Islands once it comes under attack?


Days before the Shobijin and the twin Mothra Larvae arrived on the Monster Islands, Minette and Mallory are being transported over Russian airspace via military transport. The twins communicate with each other telepathically, stating that they were drugged and the soldiers on the transport don't trust them. However, they assure each other that their "friend" has come to save them: Battra. Battra shoots down the fighter escort before tearing the wings off the transport and carrying it to an uncharted island. Battra drops the transport down and tears into it, nearly attacking the nurses that were tending to the twins. However, the twins tell Battra that they're not a threat, unlike the enemies he's dealt with and ones that he'll soon face. They order Battra to spare the nurses so they can wake the twins up from their coma, but they tell him to attack Infant Island.

Meanwhile, on the Monster Islands, Steven Woods orders for a path to be cleared for the Mothra twins to make landfall on Site Nine before bringing Chavez along to greet the Shobijin. They initiate the smoke barriers before Woods's shoulder acts up again. Chavez asks if he can still sling a rifle on that shoulder, Woods tells him that they won't need weapons as they head to the beach. When asked if they should be so close to the larvae, Woods tells Chavez that they'll be fine. When the two arrive on the beach and meet up with the larvae, Woods orders Command to distract the other monsters in order to prevent any of them causing pandemonium. Woods tells Chavez to trust him, to which Chavez remarks that he's sounding like Lucy Casprell. Woods that if she were with them, he'd have her right next to us as she would be the best person to talk to the Shobijin. As the tiny fairies thank the soldiers for letting them enter the islands, Woods asks why they came. The Shobijin reply that they bring terrible news as Woods carries them inside. After giving the Shobijin some water, Woods asks if they have individual names, to which the Shobijin say no and state that they're simply the Shobijin. They explain that Lucy is in great danger, to which Woods explains that her team is out of the fight zone between Godzilla and another monster. The Shobijin tell Woods that the new monster's name is Megaguirus, and that her and Ebirah's return causes great concern. They explain that Infant Island was destroyed and Mothra has died. Lucy is in danger if they're unable to see her, for the young woman has allowed Minette and Mallory to penetrate her mind. Lucy has a gift, much like many other humans, of exhibiting love and appreciation for all the world's inhabitants. When Lucy met the Shobijin, she was near death and the twins felt like she should be an ambassador between them and humanity. However, it was this compassion that allowed Minette and Mallory to infiltrate her mind. They allied with the monster Battra and unleashed their wrath on Infant Island, an uncharted and peaceful land. Two days ago, Battra arrived on Infant Island with one goal: To kill Mothra. Due to her injuries from her fight with Destoroyah, Mothra was outmatched by Battra, but still fought back by ramming into him. Battra blasted Mothra's wing before dodging the larvae's silk and throwing the Divine Moth down into a hole in the ground. The natives tried to fight back with spears and arrows, but were incinerated by Battra's Prism Beams. However, an injured Mothra blasted Battra out of the sky with her antenna beams, allowing the larvae to restrain the Black Moth with their silk. However, Battra managed to break free. Mothra protected the Shobijin from the debris, only for them to encounter Minette and Mallory. Mothra swiped at the evil twins with her claws before bidding farewell to the Shobijin and ramming into Battra once again. As the two moths tussled in the air, Mothra fired her eye beams at her nemesis, knocking him to the ground as the Shobijin climbed on top of one of the fleeing larvae. Battra retaliated with one final blast of his Prism Beams, killing Mothra and causing the island to explode as the Shobijin, the larvae, and several boats full of natives escaped.

Woods offers his condolences and tells the Shobijin that they'll be safe on the islands as they have countermeasures against Battra. However, the Shobijin state that something else is coming, with the only explanation they can find is the "planet's torrid past clashing with the present". Minette and Mallory reached out to something beyond the planet. Chavez and Woods ponder if they mean the Cryogs or SpaceGodzilla's crystals that entered the atmosphere, with the latter stating that they were doing research on one such crystal in Boston when Godzilla appeared. The Shobijin reply that while both statements are true, something worse looms over the planet, one that Minette and Mallory had invited. Woods exclaims that they need to warn everyone and orders for his team to return. Chavez tells the Shobijin that they'll be safe on the islands, to which the twins reply that they hope he's right for the planet's sake. Meanwhile, back in Brazil, Godzilla tries to escape the hole that Megaguirus dropped him in as Meganulon and Meganula pierce into his flesh with their pincers and tail pincers. Godzilla squishes several Meganula before using a nuclear pulse to kill the rest of the smaller bugs, lighting the hole on fire. Megaguirus grabs Godzilla from behind and carries him up into the air again, impaling the King of Monsters through his back. Godzilla tries to blast her with his atomic breath, but it doesn't fire due to Megaguirus draining his energy. The King of Monsters grabs her pincer and bites into her neck, causing both monsters to crash into Machu Picchu in Peru. Meanwhile, up in space, a massive Cryog hunting pod enters the Earth's atmosphere. When an underling reports that the hunting pod has been sent to investigate a massive biological energy reading, a new and mysterious leader orders for it to hone in on the source and engage it. The hunting pod crashes into Peru directly onto Godzilla and Megaguirus, temporarily knocking them out cold. The underling tells the new leader that the hunting pod has landed before asking if they should reveal themselves to Rhizon. Godzilla and Megaguirus come to and turn their attention to the pod as it opens to reveal several mysterious creatures. The leader orders for them to keep hidden for the time being, as he wants to see how Rhizon will react to these new creatures: the Trilopods.



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