Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors #5

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Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors issues
Issue #4
Issue #5
Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors - All Hail the King! #1
"Rise Up! Part 5"
Cover A of issue #5 by Dan Schoening
Written by Erik Burnham
Art by Dan Schoening
Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado
Letters by Nathan Widick
Edits by Tom Waltz (supervising),
Megan Brown
Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors

"Rise Up! Part 5" is the fifth and final issue of the IDW Publishing miniseries Godzilla: Monsters & Protectors. It was published on August 18, 2021.


Rise Up, Part 5! The time has come to see if the world is worthy of saving! Can our heroes—with a little help from the Shobijin—show Godzilla that mankind is capable of hope? Or will the Priestesses’ frightening vision of the future come to pass?[1]


Informing Cedric, Emily, and Anderson that they have little time, the Shobijin call Mothra, who flies by a passenger jet on her way from Infant Island. Takahashi calls Nomura to inform him that Biollante is still alive. She engages Godzilla again, spitting acid at his back. Meanwhile, Mothra arrives at the school. The Shobijin invite the kids to ride her to face Godzilla, while also mind-controlling a general to ensure the JSDF stands down.

Godzilla finally destroys Biollante, crushing her with a charged, flying stomp. As he prepares a planet-killing blast of atomic breath, Mothra arrives on the scene. The Shobijin link the kids' minds with Godzilla's, showing him their hope for the future. He relents, agreeing to give humanity one more generation to change their destructive ways. Concluding his vlog, Cedric likens Godzilla to a building-sized Santa Claus watching over the human race and prepared to pass judgment. The Shobijin and Mothra return to their island, while Godzilla sinks into the depths of the Pacific Ocean.

Nomura, having finished the vlog series, concludes that the general public will never believe Cedric's story. The other figure watching with him, an Xilien, points out that they will have to take care not to provoke Godzilla's wrath as they prepare to conquer the Earth.




  • Cedric Nishimura
  • Emily Hill
  • Anderson Scott
  • Nomura
  • Takahashi (voice)

Weapons, vehicles and races






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