Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #3

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Issue #2
Issue #3
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Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #3
Cover A of issue #3 by Inaki Miranda
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Inaki Miranda
Cover by
  • Inaki Miranda (CVR A)
  • Tyler Kirkham (CVR B/RI)
  • Scott Godlewski (CVR RI)
Colors by Eva de la Cruz
Letters by Nathan Widick
Edits by Jamie S. Rich
Sales Nathan Widick
Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons

Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #3 is a comic book from IDW Publishing. It was published on September 6, 2023.[1]


Back in the pirate days, the scoundrels and villains that sailed the seas learned of dangers and rewards through shared knowledge, but few dared speak of the existence of a mysterious island full of monsters and hidden treasure. And the sailors under Sir Francis Drake and the British Navy are starting to wonder why. Have Drake and the Queen been conspiring to keep the treasure for themselves the whole time? Or is the "dragon" just too frightful to dare make a go for it? Learn more about how Captain Cortez Blanco initially ended up sailing far beyond the boundaries of the known world, starting off this whole race toward glory in the first place, and what perils lie between civilization and the home of the one and only Godzilla! (Hint: It's super scary giant sea turtles!)[2]


"One-Eyed" Henry Hull is saved from execution at the last moment by Sir Francis Walsingham, who has been dispatched by Queen Elizabeth I's chief advisor, Lord High Treasurer William Cecil, to investigate Hull's allegations of a conspiracy involving the Queen. He also admonishes the captain who previously interrogated Hull for his rough approach. Hull suggests that the Queen is part of a secret society called the Sons of Giants. Their aim is to preserve the secrets of the kaiju: indescribable powerful creatures, Godzilla among them, worshipped and feared throughout human history. The captain is scandalized, but Walsingham threatens him with arrest if he continues disrupting the proceedings. Walsingham's loyalty, he says, is to England, not its present ruler. Resuming his story, Hull returns to the Spanish Armada, which had but one survivor after Godzilla's attack: Captain Cortez Blanco. A legendary figure nicknamed the "White Shark", Blanco had sworn vengeance against Sir Francis Drake after his attack on a Spanish supply ship killed Blanco's wife and child. Washing ashore on Monster Island, he watched as Drake and his men battled the flock of giant bats. One carried off Hull, only to have its wing clipped by the giant shrimp Ebirah. The kaiju made short work of the bats, then quickly turned on the crew cheering him on. Evading Ebirah with most of his crew, Drake studied Yanes's diary in more detail. As he hoped, it did contain the precise location of the treasure - unfortunately, it was in Godzilla's cave. Knowing he couldn't hope to challenge the beast directly, Drake planned to engineer a fight between Ebirah and Godzilla.




  • "One-Eyed" Henry Hull
  • Sir Francis Walsingham
  • Boggs
  • Sir Francis Drake (flashback)
  • Captain Cortez Blanco (flashback)
  • Queen Elizabeth I (mentioned)
  • Lord High Treasurer William Cecil (mentioned)

Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations

  • Sons of Giants (flashback)
  • Spanish Armada (flashback)
  • Golden Hind (flashback)
  • Cortez Blanco's ship (flashback)





  • This issue was originally scheduled for August 23, 2023,[2] but was delayed to September 6.[1]
  • Despite appearing on the main cover and the issue description, the giant sea turtles are not present within the issue, nor do they appear in subsequent issues. Notably, both the scene depicted on the cover and the issue description portray the turtles as a threat to the pirates, whereas the previous issue depicted them as seemingly peaceful creatures who ignored the pirates.


This is a list of references for Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons issue 3. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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