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"Up from the Deep!"
Cover of issue 3
Story by Dave Chipps
Written by Dave Chipps
Art by Mozart Couto
Colors by Art Knight
Letters by Clem Robins
Edits by Randy Stradley
Sales 10,740 copies[1]
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Dark Horse

"Up from the Deep!" is the third issue of the Dark Horse comic book Gamera. It was released on October 1, 1996.


Dr. Greta Karbone has succeeded in creating her very own supermonster -- the giant squid-beast Viras. But Karbone learns that what you create you cannot always control, as Viras takes over the doctor's mind. It's all part of a monstrous plan to enslave humanity -- a plan that begins in Paris, where Viras must dispose of mankind's bio-engineered guardian Gamera, the giant flying turtle! The City of Lights is about to become a city in flames!


With Gamera down for the count, Lutz runs away from Zigra's carnage, only to discover that Asagi was on board. He quickly tries to return her amulet, but finds that it has broken. She then informs him that because the amulet was broken, Gamera is dead, and so he has doomed the entire human race. Zigra then hits them both with his tri-color beam and they are incinerated. Lutz then awakes stripped naked in his cell in Paris, France, where he had been taken by the French Navy three weeks prior. Deep in the ocean, Greta Karbone's obsession only grows as she dismantles the mini-sub's air filters to create a device with which to control Gamera, while Gusano wishes they will return to the surface soon so as to look after their grooming and personal hygiene. Karbone, on the other hand, is only concerned with the now fully-grown Viras, the final stage of technical evolution, becoming the supreme being and enslaving the human race without Gamera getting in the way. Gusano voices concern over her obsession with Viras, but she rejects him, saying that her life is trivial, and she has devoted herself entirely to the service of Viras, through whose connected mind she has become aware of frequencies tangible only to supermonsters, which allowed her to create her control device, the conductor for which could be found in Paris. Lutz is roused from his nightmares yet again by a swarm of news crews before a guard informs him that he has a visitor. When he arrives in the visitation room, he discovers that it is Dr. Mayumi Nagamine, a representative of the United Nations Supermonster Task Force. Recognizing Mayumi's name, he inquires about Asagi, and jokes about his disbelief that she could communicate with Gamera. Nagamine then informs him that Gusano and Karbone had created supermonsters with stolen materials, and reveals that there was suspicion the monster that had attacked the ship had been one of theirs. Lutz then recounts what happened after Gamera went under the water. After he sank, a nearby submarine fired on it, effectively waking it up. Gamera then flew at incredible speed into the air, where it caught Zigra off guard and bit its neck. Gamera then used its rocket feet to fly out to the Pacific Ring of Fire, and dropped the wounded monster into a volcano west of Java before disappearing again; however, unknown to anyone, just as that occurred, an alien visitor noted Zigra's death and was greatly upset. With his story over, Lutz asks to be set free, which Nagamine lacks the authority to do. Lutz then offers to trade Asagi's amulet for his freedom, when the guard in the room strikes Lutz and takes it. Lutz tries to tackle him, but is knocked back on top of Nagamine. Shortly thereafter, they are teleported aboard the alien's spaceship. The alien introduces herself as Freena, a biological weapon retrieval specialist before admitting that she had only meant to grab Dr. Nagamine for her expertise in supermonsters. She reveals that a bio-weapon from her home planet of Broomark escaped and had taken refuge on Earth when nuclear tests had scared it. Seeing as Zigra had been killed, and Freena could not go home empty-handed, she asks Nagamine if there are any other giant monsters they want gone instead. Before Nagamine can respond, their ship is hit. Freena then uncloaks it to activate the sensors, and they see Viras attacking the city. Freena claims she can take it back to her client, just as Lutz notices Gamera flying in. However, it intercepts a missile sent toward Viras, which leads Nagamine to question if Gamera is helping Viras, when Freena declares that there has been massive engine damage, and that the ship is overheating. While scaling the Eiffel Tower, Karbone proclaims that the Magatama is the perfect conductor, and that she will control Gamera to give its life for Viras, to allow it to take over humanity.








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