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Issue #21
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Gorgo #21
Cover art of issue #21
Art by Bill Montes (The Nation Beneath the Sea),
Bill Molno (Backup stories)[1]
Colors by Ernie Bache (The Nation Beneath the Sea),
Bill Molno (Backup stories)[1]
Edits by Pat Marsulli
Charlton Comics

"The Nation Beneath the Sea" is the twenty-first issue of the comic series Gorgo, published by Charlton Comics in December of 1964. It features four comics—a main adventure starring Gorgo and three backup stories called "Mountains of Fire", "The Wrong Button", and "The Arctic Killer"—alongside a short story titled "A Second or an Eon?".


"The Nation Beneath the Sea"

After happening upon an undersea city, Gorgo was attacked by Soviet forces and in retaliation began destroying their undersea structures. Searching through the wreckage, Gorgo looted a nuclear warhead and began to swim away. Fearing the outcome if the Americans discovered their facility, they launched a nuclear bomb at him, which he survived, having sustained almost no damage. He came ashore in the United States, where he collapsed, gaining their government's attention. Panic grew surrounding the Russian-built intercontinental ballistic missile in his grasp. The U.S. opted not to attack him for fear of detonating it, but as Gorgo began to chew on the missile, it detonated in his mouth. With that hurdle overcome, the president and his military associates soon discerned that the missile had been developed for an undersea launch. This prompted three "killer-subs" to search the American coastline to find the Russian base. They quickly discovered a Russian submarine that they ensnared with special net-missiles and forced to float to the surface. They then found two large cargo submarines not fitted for warfare, which prompted investigation into an anomalous cluster of metal on the sea floor that turned out to be the ruins of the Russian undersea city. It turned out that the Soviet sea base was in fact a massive aquacultural farm, which its captain lauded as a means of ending world hunger. The Russian forces were unwelcoming and attempted several hijinks to defeat the Americans, and ended up in a stalemate with the fate of the world in the balance: nuclear missiles pointed at a nuclear sub.

With Gorgo finally recovered from his close encounter with the ICBM, he made his way to the Soviet aquaculture facility. There he began to finish his reign of destruction, and took all remaining nuclear missiles, including those fired at him, away to a secret stockpile on the ocean floor. This forced the Russian and American submarines to the surface, where the American Captain Keller commended the Soviet Union's interest in farming the ocean to eliminate world hunger, and stated that while the base was near the American coast, it was in international waters and would remain undisturbed. The Russian captain was briefly amazed at this apparent admission of his country being first to make this advancement, but Keller quickly crushed that notion by claiming that for the past six years the Americans had been constructing underwater aquacultural facilities themselves, and imagined that one day the sea floor would be covered in cities.

"Mountains of Fire"

"Mountains of Fire" is a single-page nonfiction comic about volcanic eruptions. It mentions the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius in 79, Mount Pelee in 1902, and Krakatoa in 1883.

"The Wrong Button"

Using a "Time-Spinner", two humans, a couple named Martin and Nina flew toward the planet Venus in a twirling rocket designed to allow time to pass slower inside than outside. This "Time-Reverse" technology allowed them to reach the planet in 149 days that felt to them like 120 minutes. On landing, their ship was immediately attacked by gigantic, gray-skinned and cone-headed Venusians, who tried to ensnare the ship in their net. Martin ordered Nina to start the Time-Spinner's "Negative Drive" and travel back in time by spinning in place for long enough to apparently return to a time when the giants had not been born. They blasted off headed for Earth, but since the "time gear" had been engaged to maximum for so long a time, they arrived on Earth in prehistoric times and their ship was destroyed by a dinosaur. They decide to live out their lives in the past, but not use their advanced weapons to avoid changing the course of history. Despite this, they produced two children that are implied to be progenitors of the entire human race all thanks to a press of "the wrong button," despite the correct button having been pressed, only for too long.

"The Arctic Killer"

"The Arctic Killer" is a single-page action-oriented edutainment comic sensationalizing a hypothetical encounter between a human hunter and a "sea-leopard", now referred to as a leopard seal (Hydruga leptonyx).




  • Captain Keller

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Killer-subs
    • U.S.S. Hammerhead


  • Atlantic Ocean

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