Go! Godman (Otomodachi manga)

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Go! Godman
The first page of the first issue of the Go! Godman manga
Publisher Kodansha
Publish date December 1972-April 1973,
June 27, 2017 (reprint)

Go! Godman ( ()け! () () () () (),   Ike Goddoman) is a Japanese manga series published by Kodansha in Otomodachi magazine from December of 1972 to April of 1973. Illustrated by Shigetoshi Ikehata and based on the tokusatsu series of the same name, it ran for five issues, each featuring a unique story. It was reprinted as part of the 26th Godzilla All Movie DVD Collector's Box on June 27, 2017.


At an amusement park, the giant monster Tsunokeler appears to terrorize its visitors. However, a mysterious hero suddenly emerges to challenge him, introducing himself as Godman. Godman leaps through the air and lands a kick on the monster's face, driving him off. In the next issue, the dog monster Hundler lays waste to a family's home. He bursts through one room, where a child was preparing mochi on a portable stove. As the monster sits down to begin devouring his meal, the boy calls out to Godman, who swoops in and carries him to safety. Turning his attention to the monster, Godman summons his mace weapon, the God-Crush,[note 1] which he uses to batter the monster, sending it flying directly onto the stove top. The gluttonous Hundler, whose stomach had become swollen, erupts into flames. In the following story, Godman is summoned to a ski hill where children are complaining that a monster interrupted their skiing. The humanoid creature Kappalge reveals himself, blowing past other skiers and knocking into Godman, sending the hero flying into a snow-topped tree and burying him in snow. As Kappalge approaches, Godman leaps out from the mound of snow and kicks the monster, causing him to roll down the hill and become entombed in a massive ball of snow. Safe once more, the children pelt the downed Kappalge with snowballs. Next, the monster Kinger appears at a power plant, severing power to the surrounding area. He enters a room where a child sit reading and listening to music, demanding that he be given more energy. Godman swoops in to attempt to stop him, but is zapped by the electrified monster. The hero instead attacks from a distance, blasting Kinger with God-Sparks. Godman offers to spare the monster, suggesting that he take the place of the generator until its electricity is replenished, to which he begrudgingly obliges. In the final issue, Godman helps a group of children deliver soap to a bathhouse. As they approach the entrance, several men flee from the building, shouting about a monster. When Godman enters, he finds the aquatic creature Ostotam occupying one of the baths. The monster emerges from the tub and begins toward Godman, who bowls bars of soap across the floor, causing Ostotam to slip and fall. As punishment, Godman forces Ostotam to wash the backs of the bathhouse patrons.



Weapons, vehicles and races



  1. 1.0 1.1 Called "God-Crusher" (ゴッドクラッシャー).


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