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Godman in Go! Godman (2008)
Godman in Go! Godman
Alternate names God Man, Goddoman
Physical information
Species Alien Warrior of Fire God
Height 1.8 meters (human size),[1][note 1]
38 meters (giant size)[1][2][note 1]
Weight 70 kilograms (human size),[1]
25,000 metric tons (giant size)[1][2][note 1]
Forms Human size, giant size
Affiliation information
Place(s) of emergence Planet Fire God[2]
Allies Yasugon, Greenman
Enemies All Go! Godman kaiju (Gaira, Sanda, Gorosaurus, Kamoebas, Gabara, et al.)
Played by Heisei: Kazuhiro Ninomiko,
Hideaki Serizawa (voice)
Other information
First appearance Latest appearance
Go! Godman episode 1,
"Godman vs. Kinger"
Go! Godman (2008)

Godman (ゴッドマン,   Goddoman) is an alien warrior kaijin who first appeared in the 1972 Toho tokusatsu series Go! Godman.

Godman was the first tokusatsu hero to be created by Toho, therefore also cementing him as the first Toho Kyodai Hero and the first of many heroes to be extraterrestrial. Godman is a skilled and barbaric warrior whom hails from the planet Fire God, with his origins primarily unknown. In Godman's onscreen debut, episode 1 of Go! Godman, he had seemingly already been on Earth for quite a time, long enough for the children there to become acquainted with his name. As they are attacked by the golden beast Kinger, the children shout out for Godman who arrives just in time to save them. This formula persists throughout the series, with Godman utilizing a slue of weapons and attacks to save the children in his 26 episodic battles. Godman's final battle of his series pitted him against Akumon and Stegodzillas, humanoid monsters which worship a volcanic deity and are tasked with kidnapping a girl for sacrifice. Godman battles the duo valiantly, eventually destroying them and saving the captured young girl, as well as ultimately saving the Earth from its monstrous attackers.

Roughly 35 years later, in 2008, Godman reappeared in the Go! Godman film. Although never established as canon to the original series or its followup Go! Greenman, Godman is summoned once more by the children of Earth to battle one of his past foes, Tsunozillas. Growing to giant size, Godman battled with the kaiju in a city and pulverized it with his God-Sparks. On contact with the God-Sparks, Tsunozillas exploded into chunks of flesh which littered the city, two of which morphed into the human-sized monsters Gaira and Shilarji. After returning to a human size, Godman began fending off the monsters from two civilians, but became overwhelmed, with one of his bracelets forcefully removed from his arm. Greatly weakened, Godman was saved by one of the civilians, who threw the bracelet back to Godman to restore his full power as well as also summoning fellow space warrior Greenman to the scene with a Green Call. Together, Godman and Greenman defeated the two monsters and the incursion was reported in newspapers worldwide. It is presumed that Godman and Greenman returned to space afterwards to rest, and there they have remained.


Godman's Japanese name, Goddoman (ゴッドマン), is a combination of the English words 'god', spelled in katakana as ゴッド (goddo) and 'man', spelled in katakana as マン.


Godman bears a very slight resemblance to Ultraman, with a similar colored suit, as well as also having somewhat of a resemblance to Fireman. He is constantly seen wearing a dark blue translucent visor, from which a mat of blondish-white hair slightly covers it. In a similar fashion to Zone Fighter, he wears a pair of manacles on each of his wrists, a large belt around his waist, and a pair of anklets, all of which are blue and bear a large, golden letter "G."


Godman is a savior of Earth and protector of people. Unlike Ultraman, Godman very rarely considers sparing foes, and usually opts to beat the foe down until they are exhausted. It could even be said that Godman behaves in a barbaric and somewhat egotistical manner at times, such as in Godman vs. Yasugon and Tsunokeler, where Godman beats the innocent kaiju Yasugon down relentlessly, only ceasing once the monster had bowed down to him. A similar behavior is later seen further on in the series, however it is less barbaric. In the episode Godman vs. Green Mask and Hundler, Godman gives Green Mask the option to surrender, who denies and causes them to continue fighting. Later on in the fight after Green Mask had become severely exhausted, Godman lets up on the monster, but only after it bowed to him just as Yasugon had episodes earlier.


Showa era

Go! Godman

Godman in Go! Godman

Godman is a native alien from the planet Fire God, and when on his home planet, he usually observes the Earth closely. When humans need his help from rampaging kaiju, Godman appears when they call his name, and defeats the monster, before returning to his planet for rest.

Heisei era

Go! Godman (2008)

Godman in the Godman movie

Godman comes to Earth once more to defeat Tsunozillas and protect Haruka Ayase and Koichi Matsushita. To his surprise, Gaira and Shilarji also later appeared, resulting in Godman nearly being killed. But, Greenman was summoned to even out the score, and Godman was able to finish the two monsters off with his Super Sonic Wave attack.


Godman tends to fight tooth-and-nail, relying primarily on brute force and finishing moves, with his strength shown to be extremely great. However, Godman can also conjure a variety of weapons and moves.


Godman growing in Go! Godman

Godman can alter his own size by shouting "Godman Enlarge!" (ゴッドマン拡大), and often does so to fight rampant kaiju.


Godman flying in Go! Godman

Godman is capable of flight, while human sized or monster sized, and can even fly from planet to planet.

Sight and hearing

Godman possesses impeccable sight and hearing, able to see through darkness and hear the cries for help of children from anywhere in Japan, and even beyond into space.



Godman can fire energy bullets known as God-Sparks (ゴッドスパーク) or Godman Sparks (ゴッドマンスパーク) from his right hand, near his knuckles. These explode upon contact, often powerful enough to destroy monsters.


Godman can utilize a frisbee-type discus weapon called the God-Circle (ゴッドサークル) or Godman Circle (ゴッドマンサークル), which are lined with bombs and explode upon contact with a target.


Godman can summon and make use of the God-Crush (ゴッドクラッシュ), also known as the Godman Crush (ゴッドマンクラッシュ), a flail-like weapon.



Godman can fire God-Acid (ゴッド酸) from his hand, a solution which dissolves monsters.[3]


Godman has a water-spray attack called the God-Shower (ゴッドシャワー).

Godman Supersonic Wave

The Godman Supersonic Wave (ゴッドマン超音波) ability is a powerful spiral of supersonic waves used by Godman as a finisher move, which causes the enemy it is used upon to explode.

Godman Kick

The Godman Kick (ゴッドマンキック) ability is a second finishing move where Godman kicks the enemy, causing it to explode.


Godman can deflect enemy beam attacks with his arms, although he did not use this ability often.


If any of Godman's bracelets or anklets are removed, he becomes weaker; if he is in giant form, Godman will shrink back down to human size against his will.


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Germany.png German Gott Mann God Man
Flagicon Italy.png Italian Dio l'uomo God the Man
Flagicon South Korea.png Korean 신남 Sinnam Translation of Godman
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Человека Бог Cheloveka Bog Man God


  • Godman was Toho's first television tokusatsu hero.
  • The necessity for Godman to return to Planet Fire God after each fight may be a homage to the Ultra Series, in which after each battle, the Ultra will fly away to rest and turn back into their human hosts or forms.
  • Godman's God-Shower attack bears a striking resemblance to the "Ultra Shower" ability possessed by multiple Ultramen.
  • Gigan donned a Godman costume and called himself "Giganman" in a Godziban live performance at Godzilla Fest 2022.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 According to the Go! Godman pamphlet included with disc 1 of the Return of the "Good Morning" Heroes: Go! Go! Godman & Greenman BOX set, Godman's stats were originally proposed to be 2 meters in regular form and 45 meters and 500 metric tons after becoming enlarged. These early figures are reflected in some media contemporary to the original series, such as the January 1973 issue of TV Magazine (page 99), the packaging for a Bullmark vinyl figure of Godman which was later re-released in 2008 by M1, and several trading cards manufactured by Amada. However, these stats have seemingly been retconned as all media following the 2008 anniversary film, including the aforementioned pamphlet, give Godman the stats of 1.8 meters at regular size and 38 meters and 25,000 metric tons in giant form. Additionally, the Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia erroneously lists Godman's height at human size as 1.7 meters (page 124).
    Go! Godman - Concept Art.pngBullmark figure stats.png


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