"Godman vs. Imogoras"

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"Godman vs. Imogoras"
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"Godman vs. Imogoras"
Godman vs. Imogoras
Series Go! Godman
Episode # 12 (arc), 67-72 (overall)
Air date December 21-26, 1972

"Godman vs. Imogoras" (ゴッドマン対イモゴラス,   Goddoman tai Imogorasu) comprises the 67th to 72nd episodes of Go! Godman, the 12th overall story arc.


A group of children running and singing in a field is interrupted by Imogoras appearing from the tall grass. The children all run away from it, and call for Godman, who answers their calls and flies to the scene, before touching down and engaging with Imogoras. He manages to dodge out of the way of the creature as it runs at him, and subsequently grapples with Imogoras and lands some melee blows, before knocking the bizarre creature to the ground. Imogoras swiftly gets back up, and begins hitting Godman in the head with its pincers, while the hero chops Imogoras in the head with his fists. Godman knocks the beast back to the ground, and it proceeds to get back up and continues its battle with Godman. After a fierce struggle, Imogoras begins to run away from the battle, however it taunts Godman by gesturing with its pincer. Godman begins to run after the creature, however trips on some potatoes that had been laid out by Imogoras, allowing for the tentacled monster to get on top of Godman and unleash a flurry of blows. Godman manages to get Imogoras off him, and proceeds to turn the tables by getting on top of the bizarre creature, and unleashing a series of blows of his own. After some more of this, they both get back on their feet and resume their battle. Godman summons his God-Spark ability against the monster, however the monster appears unharmed by the attack, and resumes the battle shortly thereafter. Following this confrontation in a grassy field, Imogoras suddenly enlarges to giant size, and appears in front of a town. Upon seeing this, Godman shouts "Godman! Enlarge!" and grows in size to face off against the beast. A fierce battle ensues, with Godman using his fists and feet to unleash several attacks, while Imogoras uses its pincers to attack the Kyodai Hero. Eventually, Godman summons back his God-Spark ability, and shoots three projectiles from his fist, to which Imogoras retaliates by shooting a electric beam from its claws, which Godman blocks. Following more of their battle, Imogoras knocks Godman down a cliff, closer to the town that the bizarre monster initially appeared in once it grew large. Proceeding more of their conflict, Imogoras eventually manages to get itself back on top of Godman, and tries to choke him with its claws, however Godman is able to push Imogoras off himself, and tries to continue their fight. However, the beast creates an invisible force field around itself, which Godman isn't able to penetrate. Godman instead uses a Super Sonic Wave to break through it. Godman and Imogoras begin grappling with each other again, both getting in many punches and throws. Godman uses a Godman Kick to send Imogoras flying backward and over hill, where the bizarre kaiju explodes. Following its death, several potatoes roll down the hill, seemingly coming from its body.





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