"Godman vs. Green Mask"

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Go! Godman episodes
"Godman vs. Hotter"
"Godman vs. Green Mask"
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"Godman vs. Green Mask"
Godman vs. Green Mask
Series Go! Godman
Episode # 20 (arc), 109-111 (overall)
Air date February 15–17,1973

"Godman vs. Green Mask" (ゴッドマン対グリーンマス,   Goddoman tai Geriinmasuku) comprises the 109th to 111th episodes of Go! Godman, the twentieth overall story arc. They aired on Nippon TV from February 15 to 17, 1973.


Two boys are taking a stroll until one gets dragged into a bush. The culprit sneaks up behind the other boy and reveals himself as Green Mask. The boy runs away and calls for Godman. The hero arrives as Green Mask catches the boy and orders him to release him. Green Mask shakes his head and runs away. He teleports around a hillside, the boy now absent, to disorient Godman. Godman throws three God-Circles, but all fail to connect. Green Mask then emerges from the grass waving a white cloth and bowing in apology, only to attack Godman when his guard is down. When Godman starts to gain the upper hand, Green Mask teleports away again, then appears behind him and tackles his legs, knocking him over. Green Mask soon feigns surrender again, but this time Godman doesn't fall for it and their battle resumes. They trade punches and slaps. Green Mask teleports several times before trying to run away from Godman, who gives chase. The villain finally falls to his knees, exhausted. Godman again asks him to return the boys; when he refuses, Godman spanks and throttles him until he finally relents. He conjures an explosion, and when the smoke clears, the boys he captured as well as three kids return unharmed. Godman watches as Green Mask teleports out of sight.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • God-Circles



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