"Godman vs. Tsunosilver"

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Go! Godman episodes
"Godman vs. Yasugon" / "Godman vs. Tsunokeler and Yasugon" / "Godman vs. Tsunokeler"
"Godman vs. Tsunosilver"
"Godman vs. Gorosaurus"
"Godman vs. Tsunosilver"
Godman vs. Tsunosilver
Series Go! Godman
Episode # 5 (arc), 25-30 (overall)
Air date November 2-7, 1972
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"Godman vs. Tsunosilver" (ゴッドマン対ツノシルバー,   Goddoman tai Tsunoshirubā) comprises the 25th to 30th episodes of Go! Godman, the fifth overall story arc. They aired on Nippon TV from November 2 to 7, 1972.


Tsunosilver is spotted in a burned down town after presumably destroying half of it before the episode began. Tsunosilver stomps on a building and then he looks into the sky and sees a Boeing 747 flying in the air, Tsunosilver eliminates the jet with its white beam attack, causing the jet to explode. Voices of children can be heard that are calling for Godman. Godman appears flying in the air, Godman grows to giant size while in mid air and then lands in front of Tsunosilver, Tsunosilver fires its white beam st Godman but Godman blocks it with his own arms and then the fight begins with Godman immediately being thrown to the ground by Tsunosilver but Godman kicks Tsunosilver down to the ground and begins to pummel Tsunosilver's face with several punches and then Godman is shoved to the ground. The fight continues with Godman using his kicks, punches and chops to kill Tsunosilver. Soon, the fight takes a different turn, where Godman and Tsunosilver make their way on top of a mountain to fight, Godman gets thrown off of the mountain by Tsunosilver, as it tries to fire its white beam at Godman, Tsunosilver misses and then the fight continues, as the fight comes to a close, Godman kicks Tsunosilver down the mountain and as Tsunosilver was tumbling and rolling down the mountain, Godman used his God Sparks to finally kill Tsunosilver.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Boeing 727



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