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Shogo Kiyosu
Shogo Kiyosu in 2011
Occupation Director, editor, cinematographer, singer, voice actor
Notable work Ultraman New Generation Chronicle (TV 2019)

Shogo Kiyosu (清洲 昇吾,   Kiyosu Shōgo), also known by numerous names including Go! Shogo Kiyosu (行け!清洲 昇吾,   Ike! Kiyosu Shōgo), God Kiyosu (ゴッド清洲,   Goddo Kiyosu) and Jiru Kossetsu (こっせつ 汁,   Kossetsu Jiru), is a Japanese filmmaker, voice actor and metal vocalist. A lifelong fan of kaiju and tokusatsu, he has worked with both Toho and Tsuburaya Productions in various capacities. He has also directed his own independent works, such as Go! Hannyaman (a parody of Toho's Go! Godman) and the film Boy Meets Kaiju.

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