Hidemasa Nagata

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Hidemasa Nagata
Hidemasa Nagata
Born 1925[1]
Died October 3, 2017 (aged 92)[2]
Occupation Film producer, Daiei vice-president
First work Brooba (1955)
Notable work Gamera vs. Guiron (1969)
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Hidemasa Nagata (永田 秀雅,   Nagata Hidemasa) was a Japanese film producer and the son of former Daiei president Masaichi Nagata. Nagata produced numerous films for Daiei, including the majority of the entries in the Showa Gamera series, and served as vice-president of the company. Nagata also wrote the lyrics for "Gamera's Song" and "Gamera March." He passed away on October 3, 2017 at the age of 92.[2]

Selected filmography



  • No producer was credited in the original Japanese version of Gamera the Giant Monster; Sandy Frank's English dubbed version credits Hidemasa, while the American re-edit Gammera, the Invincible instead credits his father Masaichi.
  • A fictional character based on Nagata named Shigeo appeared in the 2021 3Y Films production Nezura 1964, portrayed by Ippei Osako.


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