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Michael Dougherty
Michael Dougherty speaking at the 2019 WonderCon for "Godzilla: King of the Monsters"
Born October 28, 1974
Columbus, Ohio, United States
Occupation Director, screenwriter, producer
First work Season's Greetings (1996)
Notable work Trick 'r Treat (2007)
I like the horror community because they're subversive. They question things. If something is held back from them, especially if they've heard that it's good, they seek it out.

— Michael Dougherty

Some of my earliest memories are watching Godzilla movies. My mother is Vietnamese, and Godzilla movies and kung fu movies were the only places I could see Asian people on TV. He’s been with me my entire life.

— Michael Dougherty[1]

Michael Patrick "Mike" Dougherty is an American film writer, director and producer. Prior to his involvement with the Monsterverse, he was best-known for writing and directing the films Trick 'r Treat and Krampus for Legendary Pictures, as well as writing for several films directed by Bryan Singer, including X2: X-Men United and Superman Returns. He wrote and directed Godzilla: King of the Monsters, and received a story credit for Godzilla vs. Kong, which he worked on with Zach Shields.[2]

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Attack of the Monsters!, a student
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  • Michael Dougherty is the first American to direct a Godzilla film. The directors of the previous two Hollywood Godzilla films, Roland Emmerich and Gareth Edwards, were German and British, respectively.
  • In 2008, Dougherty was attached to direct and co-write the screenplay for Calling All Robots, an animated kaiju film by Disney and ImageMovers Digital.[5] Unfortunately, ImageMovers Digital closed down after the box office failure of Mars Needs Moms in 2011, and Calling All Robots was never made.
  • In an interview with Cinema Today, Dougherty named Anguirus, Biollante, and Mechagodzilla as some of his favorite kaiju. He initially wanted to include Biollante in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and expressed a desire to bring her onboard a hypothetical sequel, along with Gigan.[6]
  • Dougherty's favorite Godzilla film is the original; among the more recent films, he favors Godzilla Final Wars.[6]
    • Dougherty has also expressed his distaste for TriStar's Godzilla, commenting "The 1998 Godzilla was like a mere oversized dinosaur, lacking mythical or spiritual factors necessary for monster movies," and cites reasons for his enjoyment of Godzilla Final Wars being because "all of the monsters were gathered" and "Godzilla crushed the fake Zilla."[6]
  • In an interview featured in the February 2019 issue of Movie Hidden Treasure, Dougherty named the original 1954 Godzilla as the Godzilla with the best dorsal plates, and also wholeheartedly believes that Akira Ifukube's iconic franchise scores and themes should never be separated from any Godzilla movie.[7]

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