Masaichi Nagata

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Masaichi Nagata
Masaichi Nagata receives an award for Gate of Hell at the 1955 Oscars
Born January 21, 1906
Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
Died October 24, 1985 (aged 79)
Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Daiei president, film producer
First work The Downfall of Osen (1934)
Notable work Rashomon (1951)
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Masaichi Nagata (永田 雅一,   Nagata Masaichi) was a Japanese businessman and the president of Daiei from 1947 until the company's bankruptcy in 1971. The self-proclaimed creator of Gamera, he produced the monster's second film Gamera vs. Barugon, with the remainder of the Showa Gamera films produced instead by his son Hidemasa Nagata. He was also responsible for producing a handful of other tokusatsu films, notably the Daimajin trilogy. Nagata's other ventures included ownership of the professional baseball team the Daiei Stars, and the famous racehorse Tokino Minoru.

Selected filmography

Executive producer



Nagata accepts an Oscar
for Gate of Hell in 1955
Nagata accepts an Oscar
for Gate of Hell in 1955


  • No producer was credited in the original Japanese version of Gamera the Giant Monster; the American re-edit Gammera the Invincible credits Masaichi, while Sandy Frank's English dub credits his son Hidemasa.
  • A fictional character based on Nagata named Nagano appeared in the 2021 3Y Films production Nezura 1964, portrayed by Heisei Gamera trilogy star Yukijiro Hotaru.


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