Toshiro Aoki

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Toshiro Aoki
Toshiro Aoki in a 2013 interview for CHO Japan
Born 1936
Gunma, Japan[1]
Died December 31, 2018[1]
Occupation Art director, set dresser
First work The Three Treasures (1959)[2]
Notable work Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972)

Toshiro Aoki (青木 利郎,   Aoki Toshirō) was a Japanese production designer and set dresser, succeeding Yasuyuki Inoue during his departure from Toho.

Aoki was hired as a part-time Toho employee by Akira Watanabe in 1959,[2] serving as an art assistant on The Three Treasures. He took up a full time position after just three months,[1] continuing to work under Yoshio Irie and Yasuyuki Inoue[2] through the 1960s. Following Inoue's departure from the company in 1971, Aoki was appointed the position of art director,[2] beginning with Godzilla vs. Gigan the following year. He worked on his final film, The Return of Godzilla, in 1984 and was tasked with overseeing construction of the Hibiya Chanter building for Toho's real estate division in 1988 before finally retiring in 1996.[1]

Selected filmography

Assistant special effects art director

Special effects set dresser

Special effects art director



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