Satoshi Narumi

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Satoshi Narumi
Satoshi Narumi in 2004
Born 1956[1]
Occupation Wire rigger/operator
First work Forbidden Mariko (TV 1985-86)
Notable work Godzilla Final Wars (2004)

Satoshi Narumi (鳴海 聡,   Narumi Satoshi) is a Japanese wire operator and practical effects artist. He became involved with the Godzilla series in 1992 with Godzilla vs. Mothra and continued to work on the remainder of the Heisei series, as well as the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy and every film in the Millennium series. Being in charge of wire operation (called sōen [操演] in Japan) rather than suitmation, his work included controlling wire-operated miniatures such as that of Mothra, as well as hoisting both manned and unmanned kaiju suits.[1]

Selected filmography

Practical effects

Special effects wire operator

Wire operator


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