Kunio Miyoshi

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Kunio Miyoshi
Miyoshi on August 28, 1997, his final day of shooting on Rebirth of Mothra 2
Born August 23, 1948
Hyogo, Japan
Occupation Director
First work Shiawase (1974)
Notable work Rebirth of Mothra 2 (1997)
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Not to be confused with Kunio Miyauchi.

Kunio Miyoshi (三好 邦夫,   Miyoshi Kunio) is a former Japanese director. Graduating college in 1973, he subsequently joined Toho Studios as an assistant director. Miyoshi served as 1st AD on all of director Takao Okawara's tokusatsu films from 1991 to 1995, as well as Kensho Yamashita's Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla in 1994 and Okihiro Yoneda's Rebirth of Mothra in 1996. This culminated in his directorial debut on Rebirth of Mothra 2 in 1997. Though he returned to Toho to direct four episodes of The Gransazers in 2003, Miyoshi seemingly retired thereafter, having never directed a second movie.

Selected filmography

Assistant director

First assistant director


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