Takeshi Yagi

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Takeshi Yagi
Takeshi Yagi.png
Born January 20, 1967
Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Director, producer,
director of special effects
First work Ultraman M730: Ultra Monster Battle Game (TV 1993-1994)
Notable work Superior Ultraman 8
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Takeshi Yagi (八木 毅,   Yagi Takeshi) is a Japanese director and producer. He is best known for his work on the television series of Tsuburaya Productions, who he was employed by for over ten years. He has directed one feature length film, Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers, for which he also served as director of special effects. He retired from Tsuburaya shortly thereafter in order to pursue a freelance career, but as of 2019 is working with William Winckler on new Ultra Series productions.[1] He directed the NHK documentaries Godzilla's Great Counterattack: Who Are You? and Godzilla's Leading Ladies.[2]

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