Yukio Manoda

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Yukio Manoda
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Occupation Optical photographer
First work I Bombed Pearl Harbor (1960)
Notable work King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)
Not to be confused with Yoichi Manoda.

Yukio Manoda (真野田 幸雄,   Manoda Yukio) was a Japanese optical photographer and one-time special effects director who worked in Toho's Special Technology Division for much of his career. Manoda's first known film was I Bombed Pearl Harbor in 1960, after which he served as optical photographer on numerous other tokusatsu films including Mothra and four entries in the Godzilla series. By 1967, he had left Toho and joined Japanese Special Effects Film Co., founded by former Toho employees Akira Watanabe and Keiji Kawakami. He and Watanabe would work on Nikkatsu's film Gappa that year and co-direct the effects for the Toei-Ram Films co-production The Green Slime in 1968. Manoda is not known to have been credited on any further films, and thus his career after then is unclear.

Selected filmography

Optical photographer



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