Tokuzo Tanaka

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Tokuzo Tanaka
Tokuzo Tanaka filming a Zatoichi film
Born September 15, 1920
Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Died December 20, 2007
First work Rashomon (1950)
Notable work Zatoichi the Fugitive (1962)
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Tokuzo Tanaka (田中 徳三,   Tanaka Tokuzō) was a Japanese film and television director. He worked for Daiei Kyoto Studio from 1948 to the company's bankruptcy in 1971, after which he became a freelance director.[1] He was best known for period dramas, including entries in the Zatoichi and Nemuri Kyoshiro series, and yakuza films, including the majority of the Heitai Yakuza series. He also directed several genre films, two of which featured giant creatures that predated the Gamera series.

Selected filmography

First assistant director




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