Yoshio Tabuchi

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Yoshio Tabuchi
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Occupation Director, special effects director
First work Freeloader (1962)
Notable work Ultraman Ace (TV 1972-1973)

Yoshio Tabuchi (田淵 吉男,   Tabuchi Yoshio) is a Japanese director. He joined Toho sometime during the early 1960's, serving as an assistant director and special effects director into the 1970's. He also worked in television, providing special effects direction on several of Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra series shows as well as Toho's Zone Fighter and Submersion of Japan: Television Series.

Selected filmography[edit | edit source]

Assistant director of special effects[edit | edit source]

Assistant director[edit | edit source]

1st assistant director of special effects[edit | edit source]

Director of special effects[edit | edit source]


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