Toru Matoba

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Toru Matoba
Toru Matoba as a man who defuses fireworks in Monster Booska
Born July 10, 1920
Yurakucho, Tokyo, Japan
Died 1992
Occupation Special effects director, cameraman
First work Earth (1939)
Notable work Ultraman (TV 1966-1967)

Toru Matoba (的場 徹,   Matoba Tōru) was a Japanese special effects director and cameraman.

Matoba began his career in 1939, working as an assistant cameraman for the now-defunct film company Nikkatsu Tamagawa Photo Studio and became inspired by the two-part 1940 film Enoken's Sun Wukong. He joined Daiei Tokyo Studio as a cinematographer during World War II. Specializing in visual effects, he worked on a number of Daiei's early tokusatsu films, such as 1956's Warning from Space, and 1957's The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly, and 1962's Kujira Gami.

Selected filmography


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