Yumi Kameyama

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Yumi Kameyama
Yumi Kameyama during filming of Gamera the Guardian of the Universe
Born September 24, 1970[1]
Sendai, Miyagi, Japan[2]
Occupation Stunt coordinator, suit actress
Notable role(s) Super Gyaos, reporter
Notable work Gamera the Guardian
of the Universe
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Yumi Kameyama (亀山 ゆうみ,   Kameyama Yūmi) is a Japanese stuntwoman and one-time suit actress. She portrayed Super Gyaos in the 1995 film Gamera the Guardian of the Universe.





  • Yumi Kameyama is the second known suit actress to portray a kaiju in a film, and the first to portray a daikaiju in a film. Mayumi Aguni had played the human-sized Liliput a little over three years earlier in the 1991 film Zeiram.
  • According to special effects director Shinji Higuchi, a woman was chosen to portray Super Gyaos because "the shape of a woman's body is different from that of a man's" and "since virtually all of the people who work in the special effects field are men, I thought that I could make it a little easier for women to enter the field by having one play Gyaos."[3] *Kameyama was also cast because the designers wanted the monster to have a feminine image.[2]:25 However, Kameyama actually wanted to play Gamera because her family name contains the Chinese character for "turtle" (亀,   Kame).[2]:173


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