Bringing Godzilla Down to Size (2008)

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Credits for Bringing Godzilla Down to Size

Bringing Godzilla Down to Size
Poster for Bringing Godzilla Down to Size
Directed by Norman England
Producer(s) Lisa Bull (executive);
Ed Godziszewski, Steve Ryfle;
Norman England, Yasu Inoue (associate)
Written by Ed Godziszewski, Steve Ryfle
Music by Kow Otani
Distributor Classic Media
Running time 69 minutes
(1 hour, 9 minutes)

Bringing Godzilla Down to Size: The Art of Japanese Special Effects, or simply Bringing Godzilla Down to Size, is a 2008 documentary on suitmation produced by Happy Enterprises which was included as a bonus feature on Classic Media's DVD release of Rodan and The War of the Gargantuas. It features interviews with a number of key figures in Toho's tokusatsu and kaiju films.


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Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Norman England
  • Written by   Ed Godziszewski, Steve Ryfle
  • Produced by   Ed Godziszewski, Steve Ryfle
  • Executive producer   Lisa Bull
  • Associate producers   Norman England, Yasu Inoue
  • Music by   Kow Otani
  • Cinematography by   Hiro Takaoka
  • Edited by   Yasu Inoue
  • Background painting by   Fuchimu Shimakura


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