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Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley is a 1992 Nike television commercial in which Godzilla plays basketball against a kaiju-sized version of NBA star Charles Barkley in Tokyo. In 1993, the commercial was adapted into a comic book by Dark Horse Comics.


Godzilla emits a blast of atomic breath as he storms through Tokyo. He turns around as he sees Barkley approach him, dribbling a basketball. The monster puts on a pair of pink goggles and darts his tail out, knocking the ball from Barkley's hands. Barkley catches it and charges forward, elbowing Godzilla aside as he dunks it into the fallen "O" from a Tokyo sign. They walk out of the city as friends, with Barkley telling Godzilla that "the Lakers are looking for a big man."


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Michael Owens
  • Produced by   Clint Goldman
  • Cinematography by   Kim Marks
  • Edited by   Bob Sarles
  • Creatives   Warren Eakins and Steve Sandoz
  • Head of Creature Department   Jeff Mann
  • Sound Designer   Jeff Roth
  • Sound Mix Engineer   Jay Shilliday


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Charles Barkley   as   Himself


  • Creatives:
  • Agency Producer: John Adams
  • Head of Creature Department:
  • Sound Designer: at Focused Audio, San Francisco
  • Sound Mix Engineer: at Focused Audio, San Francisco

Comic Book Adaptation

Main article: Godzilla vs. Barkley.

In December 1993, Dark Horse Comics released a one-shot comic inspired by the commercial, in which a magic coin allows Charles Barkley to grow to Godzilla's size and defend California. The comic was written by Mike Barron with art by Jeff Butler and Keith Aiken.



The ad
Behind the scenes
Saturday Night Live parody


  • Saturday Night Live parodied this ad for its September 25, 1993 episode, hosted by Charles Barkley. During his monologue, Barkley showed a clip of a lopsided charity match he played against Barney the Dinosaur, a last-minute replacement for Godzilla.[1]


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15 months ago
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why does this even exist

Godzilla fnw

17 months ago
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This comic is worst and best at the same time


24 months ago
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This page should have a section about the Godzilla suit like the Dr. Pepper and Snickers articles have.


24 months ago
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It did, but it was removed because it is ugly.


32 months ago
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Space Jam vs. this

Astounding Beyond Belief

37 months ago
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The greatest Godzilla comic book of all time. Like Batman and Robin, it's so disconnected from any form of reality that I'm convinced aliens wrote it.


32 months ago
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God's Godzilla

26 months ago
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I hate to say, but this is gotta be ONE OF THE WORST EVER!!!!!

Green Blob Thing

26 months ago
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What? How is it one of the worst? This comic is awesome! It doesn't take itself seriously at all, which is perfect, and is wonderful in how bizarre it is.
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