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Hoshi 35
Japanese teaser poster for Hoshi 35
Directed by
Producer Takashi Yasuda
Written by Hiroto Yokokawa
Music by Yuya Yata
Funded by MRTS Co., Ltd.
Production company 3Y Co., Ltd.
Running time 60 minutes (1 hour; tentative)
This article concerns an upcoming subject, and will be updated with new information as it arises.

Hoshi 35 (HOSHI 35 (ほしさんじゅうご)/ホシクズ,   Hoshi Sanjūgo/Hoshikuzu, lit. "Hoshi 35/Hoshikuzu") is an upcoming crowdfunded tokusatsu kaiju film which will be written and directed by Hiroto Yokokawa and co-directed by Kazuma Yoneyama and Daisuke Sato, with special effects by Sato. Funded by MRTS Co., Ltd. and produced by 3Y Co., Ltd., it will star numerous Godzilla and Gamera series veterans including Megumi Odaka, Yoko Ishino, Hiroshi Miyasaka, Yumiko Tanaka, Daijiro Harada, Yukijiro Hotaru, and Jun Hashizume, along with newcomers Rin Matsumiya and Karin Nishina. The project will celebrate Odaka's 35th anniversary as an actress and will be her first film role in close to 30 years. The film is to be tentatively released to Japanese theaters on October 21, 2023.[1]


On November 16, 2022, Hiroto Yokokawa posted a casting call on social media for a yet-untitled kaiju movie to be written and directed by him.[2]

On November 26, during the Megumi Odaka anniversary event at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas, Yokokawa's next project was announced to be Hoshi 35, starring Odaka and set for release in October of 2023.[3] Crowdfunding was launched for the project at the same time through Makuake, and it reached its goal of ¥1 million within the same day (in Japan). Donations will continue to be accepted until February.[4]

Robert Scott Field was announced to have joined the cast on December 26.[5] Seven more cast members were announced on January 18, 2023.[6]

On January 26, it was announced that Japanese professional wrestler Shoko Nakajima will provide the voice of the baby Hoshikuzu.[7] Yukijiro Hotaru and Yoko Ishino joined the cast on February 19.[8]


Principle photography on Hoshi 35 commenced on May 14, 2023.[9] The drama unit wrapped shooting on June 4.[10]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Hiroto Yokokawa
  • Co-directed by   Kazuma Yoneyama, Daisuke Sato
  • Associate director   Kazuma Yoneyama
  • Written by   Hiroto Yokokawa, Akihiro Ugajin
  • Associate writer   Kensaku Sakai
  • Planned by   Akihiro Ugajin, Yamato Watanabe, Hiroto Yokokawa
  • Executive producer   Takashi Yasuda
  • Consulting producer   Avery Guerra
  • Music by   Yuya Yata
  • Cinematography by   Daisuke Sato
  • Production design by   Takuma Asai, Karin Yamada, Ryo Kimoto
  • Director of special effects   Daisuke Sato
  • Monster modeling by   Daisuke Sato, Tomoya Ayaki


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Megumi Odaka   as   Aki
  • Yoko Ishino   as   Yukari
  • Rin Matsumiya   as   Aki (35 years ago)
  • Karin Nishina   as   Yukari (35 years ago)
  • Hiroshi Miyasaka   as   Suzuki
  • Yumiko Tanaka   as   Haru
  • Daijiro Harada   as   Himuro
  • Yukijiro Hotaru   as   Kamiya
  • Jun Hashizume   as   Mizuno
  • Akihiro Ugajin   as   Gen, Aki's father[11]
  • Masanori Kikuzawa   as   Hakase[12]
  • Yoshinori Tanaka   as   Mizuno (35 years ago)[11]
  • Yucai   as   Eri[13]
  • Juna Moriyama   as   Mari (35 years ago)[14]
  • Oki Sugiyama
  • Madoka Watanabe
  • Yuu Hanaya
  • Yuumi Kuroi
  • Ko Yoshida
  • Koya Fukuda
  • Junichi Kodama
  • Ryotaro Fujiyama
  • Yamato Watanabe
  • Takashi Yasuda
  • Koichiro Takamura
  • Nomaru Abe
  • Noboru Sato
  • Robert Scott
  • Akihiro Ugajin
  • Shinzo Hotta   as   Ken[13]
  • Shoko Nakajima   as   Baby Hoshikuzu (voice)[7]
  • Akira Ohashi   as   Hoshikuzu




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Teaser trailer


  • According to director Hiroto Yokokawa, the "35" in the film's title holds several meanings; 2023 is Emi Odaka's 35th year as an actress, the 35th year since the beginning of the Heisei era, and the year Yokokawa turns 35 years old.[15]
  • The official English-language site for Hoshi 35 plagiarizes its opening paragraph and credits list from an earlier revision of this page.[16][17]

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