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Universal Studios Japan (ユニバーサル・スタジオ・ジャパン,   Yunibāsaru Sutajio Japan) is a theme park based in Osaka, Japan. One of four Universal Studios locations, it opened its doors on March 31, 2001. The park has held an annual festival called Universal Cool Japan since 2014, in which attractions based on popular Japanese franchises are featured. 4D installations based on the Godzilla and Evangelion franchises, entitled Godzilla: The Real 4-D and Evangelion: THE REAL 4-D, were included as part of the park's 2017 and 2018 festivities, respectively. The attractions were later crossed over as Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D, which opened in 2019. Each attraction features vibrating seats and artificial scents.

Godzilla: The Real 4-D[edit | edit source]

Godzilla: The Real 4-D
Godzilla: The Real 4-D banner
Distributor Toho
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Godzilla: The Real 4-D (ゴジラ・ザ・リアル 4-D,   Gojira Za Riaru Fō Dī) was featured at Universal Studios Japan from January 13 to June 25, 2017, as part of its Universal Cool Japan campaign. Audiences witnessed a battle between Godzilla, as he appears in Shin Godzilla, and the JSDF from the perspective of a fighter jet pilot.

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Videos[edit | edit source]

Universal Cool Japan advertisements
Audio from the attraction

Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D[edit | edit source]

Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D
Japanese poster for Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D
Directed by Kazuhiro Nakagawa
Distributor Toho
Running time 17 minutes
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Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D (ゴジラ対エヴァンゲリオン・ザ・リアル・4−D,   Gojira tai Evangerion Za Riaru Fō Dī) was featured at Universal Cool Japan between May 31 and August 25, 2019. Again based on Shin Godzilla, it features a battle between Godzilla and the Evangelion units, as well as a newly-redesigned King Ghidorah, seen from the perspective of a government observation team.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Following the devastation of the Second Impact, Japan's capital is moved from Tokyo-II to Osaka-III. The city's buildings are outfitted with turrets to defend it in the case of another Angel attack. Additionally, strange cosmic waves have recently been causing electrical disturbances throughout Japan. A government observation team tours the advanced city aboard the GLAUX when suddenly Godzilla appears and knocks the GLAUX out of the sky. Just before the colossal kaiju can stomp on it, the GLAUX is picked up by Evangelion Unit-01, piloted by Shinji Ikari. Evangelion Unit-00 and 02 arrive piloted by Rei Ayanami and Asuka Shikinami Langley and begin attacking Godzilla along with Unit-01. However, their attacks have seemingly no effect on Godzilla, who easily swats the Evangelion Units aside by moving his body and swiping them aside with his tail. Just as Godzilla has the upper hand, he begins glowing purple and fires his heat ray. However, rather than fire at the Evangelion Units, he aims the beam at the sky, where it strikes an invisible target and triggers a fiery explosion. The explosion congeals into the form of King Ghidorah, who descends into the city and confronts Godzilla. Godzilla fires his heat ray, but King Ghidorah deflects it and causes it to scatter in several directions. King Ghidorah then fires his gravity beams, lifting the surrounding buildings into the air before hurling them at Godzilla. With Godzilla incapacitated, the Evangelion Units attempt to fight King Ghidorah themselves, but to no avail. Godzilla gets back to his feet, and King Ghidorah flies toward him. Godzilla then proceeds to fire his dorsal plate beams at King Ghidorah, knocking him backward. Godzilla continues to barrage King Ghidorah with his atomic breath until his body ceases glowing and he enters a state of suspended animation. King Ghidorah gets back up, and the three Evangelion Units continue trying to fight him. Unit-02 and Unit-00 jump onto King Ghidorah, only to be shot back by his gravity beams. Unit-01 then tears off a spike from a nearby tower and plunges it into King Ghidorah's chest, causing the space monster to crash into the buildings below. The pilots wonder if they have succeeded before King Ghidorah rises from the rubble completely unharmed. He turns his wrath toward the motionless Godzilla, blasting him with his gravity beams. Godzilla awakens and begins to emit a purple glow once again, then fires forth his heat ray. Godzilla's beam locks with King Ghidorah's gravity beams, and eventually begins to overpower them and push closer and closer to King Ghidorah. As Godzilla's heat ray finally reaches and strikes King Ghidorah, it triggers a blinding explosion. When the smoke clears, the Evangelion Units are unharmed and King Ghidorah is nowhere to be found. His enemy defeated, Godzilla returns to the sea peacefully and dives beneath the waves.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Weapons, vehicles, and races[edit | edit source]

  • Heavy Fighter Jet-VTOL
  • Osaka-III turrets
  • Asteroid probe Mahoroba

Merchandise[edit | edit source]

During the attraction's run, the following tie-in merchandise was available for purchase from the Cinema 4-D Store and Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D food cart:

  • Park-exclusive Godzilla and King Ghidorah figures
  • Tote bag
  • Mug
  • Godzilla hat
  • Printed cookies
  • Evangelion Unit-01 Kiryu popcorn bucket
  • Jelly drink and plastic cup

Videos[edit | edit source]

Footage from the attraction
Leaked footage of the full Godzilla vs Evangelion: The Real 4D attraction

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A news article shown at the beginning of Godzilla vs. Evangelion: The Real 4-D mentions a researcher by the name of Yamane, referencing the character Kyohei Yamane from the 1954 Godzilla film.

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