Howl from Beyond the Fog (2019)

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Howl from Beyond the Fog
The Japanese poster for Howl from Beyond the Fog
Alternate titles
Flagicon Japan.png Land of Fog (2019)
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Directed by Daisuke Sato
Written by Daisuke Sato, Yohei Yanase
Music by Chouchou
Running time 35 minutes[1][2]
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Howl from Beyond the Fog (狭霧の国,   Sagiri no Kuni, lit. Land of Fog) is an independent tokusatsu kaiju short film produced by LosGatos Works. Helmed by Daisuke Sato, the film was crowdfunded via Kickstarter in late 2017 and premiered at the Atami Kaiju Film Festival on November 24, 2019.[3] It is inspired by the 1951 short story "The Fog Horn" by Ray Bradbury, which also served as the basis for the 1953 film The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms.


In 1909, during the Meiji reformation period in a small village in Kyushu, Japan, a boy named Eiji and a blind woman named Takiri encounter the giant monster Nebula.[1][4]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Daisuke Sato
  • Written by   Daisuke Sato, Yohei Yanase
  • Music by   Chouchou
  • Cinematography by   Daisuke Sato, Keizo Murase
  • Edited by   Daisuke Sato
  • Production design by   Daisuke Sato
  • Director of special effects   Daisuke Sato
  • Puppets produced by   Daisuke Sato
  • Modeling by   Keizo Murase, Tomohiro Matsumoto
  • Backgrounds painted by   Fuchimu Shimakura


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Suguru Inoue   as   Eiji
  • Akane Kanamori   as   Takiri
  • Michiyo Ishimito   as   Inami
  • Nana Nagao   as   Nagisa
  • Tomohiro Matsumoto   as   Nebula



  • Nebula / Amenosagiri


Production of the Nebula suit was crowdfunded through Kickstarter beginning on November 30, 2017. The campaign ultimately reached 150% of its goal[1] at ¥1,269,842 from 140 backers.[4] A pilot reel of the film was shown at G-Fest XXVI in July of 2019. The film wrapped in November of that year with a total of 380 shots for 31 scenes.[2] It officially premiered at the 2nd Atami Kaiju Film Festival on November 24, accompanied by a special talk from director Daisuke Sato and modelers Keizo Murase and Tomohiro Matsumoto.


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Alternate titles

  • Land of Fog (literal Japanese title)

Theatrical releases

  • Japan - November 24, 2019 (Atami Kaiju Film Festival)

Video releases

The Howl from Beyond the Fog Kickstarter campaign offered a DVD of the film to backers who pledged ¥6,000, and a Blu-ray to those who gave ¥10,000, with a behind-the-scenes video included as a bonus feature. SRS Cinema will issue the film on Blu-ray and VHS in the fall of 2020, with plans for a wider DVD release in 2021.[5]


Japan Expo 2017 teaser
Design Festa teaser
Trailer #1
Trailer #1.5
15 second trailer
Trailer #2
G-Fest pilot reel
Behind the scenes footage
Test footage
Making-of featurette

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