Coming Out (2020)

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Coming Out
The poster for Coming Out
Directed by Cressa Maeve Beer
Producer Cressa Maeve Beer
Written by Cressa Maeve Beer
Music by a[way] (stock), Akira Ifukube (stock)
Running time 2 minutes
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A stop motion short about gender and giant monsters

— Tagline

Coming Out is a 2020 short stop-motion Godzilla fan film by Cressa Maeve Beer. Beer uploaded it to YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram on June 26, 2020, and it was reposted by the GODZILLA.OFFICIAL Twitter account on June 30,[1] a rare acknowledgement of a fan film by Toho that did not precede legal action. It subsequently played at several film festivals, including ImageOut, the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, the Fantasia Film Festival, and TRANSlations: Seattle Trans Film Festival.


Godzilla and Baragon square off in a city. Baragon charges, but Godzilla halts her with a raised hand to check in with a melancholy LittleGodzilla, who is sitting behind them. LittleGodzilla is about to say something to Godzilla, but suddenly turns and walks away. At their home, Godzilla observes LittleGodzilla watching Sailor Moon excitedly, then staring morosely at a wall, which concerns him. As they drink tea, LittleGodzilla finally comes out to him as a trans girl. They embrace, and after Godzilla does some research online, he knits her a transgender pride flag, which she tearfully accepts. Back in the city, Godzilla roars a challenge to Baragon, and is joined by LittleGodzilla, now wearing a pink bow.


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.


Development and production

Beer conceived of Coming Out as a response to a rise in "both explicit and implicit hatred for Trans people – whether it's this god-awful administration reversing healthcare rights or moving to discriminate in housing, or a certain famous children’s author using her platform to further vilify women."[2] She dedicated the film to her late father, who introduced her to Godzilla and who she came out to in their last conversation.[2]

The monsters were portrayed by super-articulated figures from three different companies: NECA for Godzilla, S.H. MonsterArts for LittleGodzilla, and Revoltech for Baragon. NECA gave Beer the Godzilla figure in 2015, rekindling a childhood obsession with stop-motion and eventually leading her to make a career out of animation.[2]


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