The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga (2019)

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The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga
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The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga
Directed by Jonathan Bellés
Producer Jonathan Bellés
Written by Jonathan Bellés
Music by Damián Sánchez
Running time 50 minutes
Aspect ratio 16:9

The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga is a 2019 documentary on the origins of Godzilla. It features interviews with a number of key figures in Toho's tokusatsu and kaiju films.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Jonathan Bellés
  • Written by   Jonathan Bellés
  • Produced by   Jonathan Bellés
  • Music by   Damián Sánchez
  • Cinematography by   Jonathan Bellés
  • Edited by   Jonathan Bellés, José Luis Romeu



Initially researching kaiju films in 2012, Bellés grew more ambitious throughout his research, interviewing actors, directors, and special effects directors for his Ph.D.[1]

Alternate titles

  • Godzilla & Hiroshima: The Dawn of Kaiju Eiga (early English title)

Theatrical releases

  • Japan - April 2, 2019 (Tokyo)[1]
  • Brazil - April 16, 2019 (Cinefantasy International Fantastic Film Festival)


Official trailer
Official trailer
Akira Takarada clip
Haruo Nakajima clip
Kenpachiro Satsuma clip
Shusuke Kaneko clip
Teruyoshi Nakano clip
Koichi Kawakita clip
Eiichi Asada clip
Yoshikazu Ishii clip
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