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The Korean poster for A*P*E
Directed by Paul Leder
Produced by K.M. Yeung, Paul Leder
Written by Paul Leder, Reuben A. Leder
Music by Bruce Mac Rae, Chung Min Sup
Distributor Worldwide Entertainment
Rating PGUS
Running time 87 minutes
(1 hour, 27 minutes)
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Ten Tons of Animal Fury Leaps from the Screen

— English taglines

A*P*E (킹콩의大逆襲,   Kingkongui Daeyeokseub, lit. King Kong's Great Counterattack) is a 1976 special effects monster film co-produced by Kukje Movies and Lee Ming Film Company. The film was released to South Korean theaters on July 23, 1976 and to American theaters in October of the same year. It was created in order to cash in on Dino De Laurentiis' then-upcoming King Kong remake, and borrows several elements from the film's story.


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Main article: A*P*E/Credits.

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Directed by   Paul Leder
  • Written by   Paul Leder, Reuben A. Leder
  • Produced by   K.M. Yeung, Paul Leder, Tony Francis, Reuben A. Leder, Yang Tseng-Hsiu
  • Music by   Bruce Mac Rae, Chung Min Sup
  • Cinematography by   Daniel L. Symmes, Tony Francis, Miriam R. Leder
  • Production Design by   Lee Bong Sun
  • Assistant Directing by   Miriam R. Leder, Choi Young Chul
  • Special Effects by   Park Kwang Nam


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Rod Arrants   as   Tom Rose
  • Joanna de Varona   as   Marilyn Baker
  • Alex Nicol   as   Colonel Davis
  • Lee Nak Hoon   as   Captain Kim
  • Woo Yun Jung   as   Mrs. Kim
  • Jerry Harke   as   Lieutenant Smith
  • Larry Chandler   as   First Mate
  • Walt Myers   as   Seaman
  • J.J. Gould   as   Soldier in Jeep
  • Charles Johnson   as   American Tourist
  • Paul Leder   as   Dino
  • Choi Sung Kwan   as   Film Producer
  • Bob Kurcz   as   American Actor
  • Jules Levey   as   Reporter



  • A*P*E
  • Giant shark
  • Giant snake


Main article: A*P*E/Gallery.

Alternate Titles

  • The New King Kong (Initial title)
  • Super Ape (Initial title)
  • Attack of the Giant Horny Gorilla (1982 American re-release title)
  • Hideous Mutant (American home video title)
  • King Kong's Great Counterattack (Literal Korean title; 킹콩의大逆襲)
  • King Kong Returns (France; King Kong Revient)
  • The Revolt of Kong (French home video title; La Révolte de Kong)
  • The King Ape (Philippines)
  • Super Kong (Portugal)
  • New King Kong (Soviet Union; Новый Кинг Конг)
  • The Gorilla Attacks (Spain; El Gorila Ataca)
  • Super King Kong (Turkey; Süper King Kong)

Theatrical Releases

  • South Korea - July 23, 1976  [view poster]Korean poster
  • United States - October, 1976  [view poster]American poster; 1982 (Re-release)  [view poster]American re-release promotional poster
  • France - February 15, 1978  [view poster]French poster
  • Turkey - August 1979  [view poster]Turkish poster
  • Portugal - September 29, 1982

Video Releases

Image Entertainment DVD (2001)

  • Region: 1
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: English

Kino Lorber DVD/Blu-Ray (2017)

  • Region: 1 (DVD) or A/1 (Blu-Ray)
  • Discs: 1
  • Audio: English



American A*P*E trailer

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