Monster Planet of Godzilla

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Monster Planet of Godzilla
Monster Planet of Godzilla video title card
Directed by Koichi Kawakita
Producer(s) Kiyoshi Suzuki, Yasuo Wakabayashi
Written by Marie Terunuma
Music by Akira Ifukube
Designs used RadoGoji

Monster Planet of Godzilla (怪獣プラネットゴジラ,   Kaijū Puranetto Gojira, lit. Monster Planet Godzilla) was a "Godzilla simulator" attraction, featured at the Sanrio Puroland and Harmonyland theme parks in Japan, which opened in 1994. It featured a short film produced by Toho using the RadoGoji Godzilla suit and Rodan puppet from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, and Mothra imago puppet from Godzilla vs. Mothra. At Sanrio Puroland, the film was presented in 3D, with odors released into the theater to enhance the viewing experience. For instance, scenes of Godzilla attacking Tokyo would be accompanied by the smell of smoke.


A spaceship called Earth is dispatched to investigate the disappearance of its counterpart on a monster-filled planet beyond our Solar System. Once there, it quickly spots the downed craft, and is promptly attacked by Mothra and Rodan. It spots Godzilla and opens fire on him, giving the Planet enough time to escape.

As a volcano erupts, a strange light transports the three kaiju to Tokyo Station, where Godzilla goes on a rampage. Earth aids the JSDF in its efforts to stop Godzilla, but their weapons have little effect. After he dispatches the machines on the ground, Rodan flies in for a few pecks and Mothra descends on him with her explosive scales. Earth finally returns the kaiju to their home planet by releasing a green powder, which encases each of them in a bubble.


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Edited footage of Monster Planet of Godzilla available on home video


  • From comparing Godzilla's height to the surrounding buildings in the city scenes, he appears to be roughly 50 meters tall, the same height as his Showa counterpart. Several Japanese publications coincide with this, listing the incarnation of Godzilla's height as "50 meters (estimate)," as well as a weight of "20,000 metric tons (estimate)."[2][3]
  • The attraction's footage was later released as a bonus feature for the Japan-only Godzilla Final Box and the 5-disc Japanese Blu-Ray/DVD release of the 2014 film. However, all footage of Hello Kitty was removed.[4]


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