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Professor Dreamon
Professor Dreamon in Monster Planet of Godzilla
Species Robot
Affiliation EUO, Space Exploration Station
Occupation Pilot of Earth
First appearance Monster Planet of Godzilla
Played by Iemasa Kayumi (voice)

Professor Dreamon (ドリーモン教授,   Dorīmon Kyōju) is a robotic character from Sanrio Puroland. He made an appearance in the 1994 attraction Monster Planet of Godzilla as the pilot of the Earth.


Professor Dreamon was portrayed entirely by an animatronic which was programmed by Trey Stokes.[1] In the Puroland attraction Time Machine of Dreams, for which he was originally created, Dreamon was more animated and featured movement for his lines.[2] In Monster Planet of Godzilla, however, his role was greatly reduced and thus a single cycle of him interacting with his control panel was looped infinitely.[2]


Monster Planet of Godzilla

Dreamon appeared on a monitor in the Space Exploration Station, notifying Miki Saegusa that they had received distress signals from the downed Planet at Space Point M-119. Tasked with retrieving Planet, Dreamon departed from the Station in his spacecraft Earth and warped to the mysterious planet. There, he encountered extraterrestrial counterparts to Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan, whom he fended off to allow Planet to escape. However, due to contaminants brought to the planet on the ship's surface, warping caused all three monsters to be brought with them to Tokyo. Dreamon engaged Godzilla with assistance from the JSDF, ultimately dropping a payload of green powder over the area which encapsulated Godzilla and the other monsters in low-gravity bubbles and returned them to their home planet.



Time Machine of Dreams


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