Operator Yui

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Operator Yui
Operator Yui in Godzilla Defense Force
Mothra Yui in Godzilla Defense Force
Species Human
Affiliation Earth Defense Force
Occupation EDF operator
First appearance Godzilla Defense Force

Operator Yui (オペレーターゆい,   Operētā Yui) is an Earth Defense Force operator serving under General Tywin. She appears in the 2019 mobile game, Godzilla Defense Force.


When wearing her Mothra costume, Yui is referred to as "Mothra Yui" (モスラゆい,   Mosura Yui).


Yui has brunette hair and brown eyes. She typically wears a "standard-issue military uniform," consisting of a navy collared jacket, skirt, and hat with orange or beige accents, as well as a silver headset. She may alternatively wear a Mothra costume resembling the Showa design, with an orange sleeveless bodysuit, black tie, yellow skirt, Mothra wings, and a hat of Mothra's eyes and antennae.

Video games

Godzilla Defense Force

Operator Yui is a member of the Earth Defense Force, providing the player, who acts as Commander, with information to help in defending the Earth against the invading Xiliens and their monster pawns. She acts as a tutorial character, guiding the player through game specifics and commenting on the backstories of boss monsters upon their first appearance. Yui may also be talked to, giving trivia about aspects of the Godzilla series. With the introduction of the Kaiju Dungeon gamemode, Yui can be dressed in different unlockable costumes, providing varying status effects.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Chinese Flagicon Hong Kong.png Cantonese 操作員結衣 Cāozuòyuán Jiéyī Translation of English name
China and Taiwan Flags.png Mandarin 掌舵手由衣 Zhǎngduòshǒu Yóuyī Translation of English name
Flagicon France.png French Opératrice Yui Translation of English name
Flagicon South Korea.png Korean 오퍼레이터 유이 Opeoleiteo Yui Translation of English name
Flagicon Spain.png Spanish Agente Yui Agent Yui


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