Tetsuo Torii

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Tetsuo Torii
Tetsuo Torii in Invasion of Astro-Monster
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Aliases Tetsui Teri (UPA American version)
Occupation Inventor
Related to Haruno Fuji (fiancée)
First appearance Invasion of Astro-Monster
Played by Akira Kubo
Sam Edwards (English dub)

Tetsuo Torii (鳥井 哲男,   Torii Tetsuo) is a supporting character in the 1965 Godzilla film Invasion of Astro-Monster.


Showa era

Invasion of Astro-Monster

Tetsuo is an inventor developing a personal alarm to protect people from assailants. Many people do not believe in him until his alarm was bought for 100,000 dollars. When Tetsuo informs his girlfriend of the sale, she questions if it is worth that much, and wonders why a toy company bought Tetsuo's invention. Tetsuo is more concerned with his new-found fortune finally convincing Haruno's brother Kazuo Fuji that he is worthy of dating his sister. When Fuji returns from space, he and his friend Glenn invite Tetsuo and Haruno to lunch and Tetsuo tells them of the sale, but counter to Tetsuo's belief Fuji still thinks little of him. Tetsuo then takes Haruno's suspicions seriously and follows the man who bought his invention to a house near lake Myojin, but when Tetsuo tried to get in, the door mat came out from under him and he fell down a long chute into a cell. he remains there for some time before Glenn is brought in as well. Tetsuo had already checked the cell by that time, and had determined that the cell was inescapable. Shortly after explaining this to Glenn, Tetsuo finds a note that had fallen from the astronaut's pocket that detailed how their Xilien captors were weakened by certain sounds. This prompts Tetsuo to try using his alarm system against them. This method proves successful and the two escape and give the device to the military to play on mass-broadcast to eliminate the Xilien threat.



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