Sayuri Nagoshi

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Sayuri Nagoshi
Sayuri in Daimajin
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Princess
Related to Juro Chigusa (kinsman/betrothed),
Katsushige Nagoshi (brother),
Heibei Nagoshi (father)
First appearance Return of Daimajin
Played by Shiho Fujimura

Lady Sayuri Nagoshi (名越さゆり,   Nagoshi Sayuri) was the main protagonist in the 1966 Daiei film Return of Daimajin.


Showa era

Return of Daimajin

Sayuri was the princess of the Nagoshi kingdom, which bordered lake Yakimono, along with the neighboring Chigusa kingdom, which was ruled by relatives of the Nagoshi. Sayuri performed a dance at the funeral of one of her kinsmen, for which the Chigusa had traveled across the lake to attend. However, afterward when they sailed to the island in the middle of lake Yakimono to pray to their god, they watched as its statue's face turned bright red: a prophesied omen that the kingdom would fall.

On returning to Nagoshi, they discovered that the Chigusa kingdom had been overtaken by the Mikoshiba clan from the other side of the mountains. Lord Danjo Mikoshiba then arrived and took the Nagoshi hostage while he searched the kingdom for Sayuri's fiancee Lord Juro Chigusa, whom they believed had fled to Nagoshi land. Sayuri's father, Lord Heibei Nagoshi resisted, and was killed. Mikoshiba then took her brother Katsushige hostage until they turned Juro over. After burying her father, Sayuri sailed back to the god's island, where she was nearly killed by Mikoshiba soldiers who had come to blow up the statue of the god.


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