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Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Scientist
First appearance Son of Godzilla
Played by Akihiko Hirata

Fujisaki (藤崎) is a character in the 1967 Godzilla film, Son of Godzilla. He is played by veteran Godzilla franchise actor, Akihiko Hirata.


Showa era

Son of Godzilla

Fujisaki is one of the seven scientists sent by the United Nations to Sollgel island for secret research into making uninhabitable places fit to grow crops in. He seems to be very close, if only in the command chain, to Doctor Kusumi. He is the crew member who works the radio equipment. Fujisaki is one of the four characters not to be afflicted with a virus that causes the others to fall ill. After it is decided to abandon the experiment, Fujisaki repairs the radio, which had broken in the turmoil caused by the test of the experiment, Kumonga, and Godzilla. After repairs had been made, Fujisaki contacted the United Nations, who said that while the radio had been broken, they had gotten worried and sent a ship to collect them. He escapes the island safley with the others.


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