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Priestess Shinobu
Priestess Shinobu in Daimajin
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Preistess
Related to Kogenta (nephew)
First appearance Daimajin
Played by Otome Tsukimiya
Make light of him if you dare! Destroy the spirit who protects us and the Daimajin Arakatsuma will come forth!

— Shinobu warning Samanosuke of Daimajin's wrath in (Daimajin)

Priestess Shinobu was a main protagonist in the 1966 Daiei film Daimajin.


Showa Era


Shinobu lived in the forests surrounding a town belonging to Lord Hanabusa. It was her job during his reign to appease the god Arakatsuma. After a serious bout of seismic activity attributed to Arakatsuma, Shinobu began the ancient ritual to settle its spirit. Shortly after it began, she was ordered off the ritual grounds along with the other townspeople under the orders of a Lord Samanosuke, who had just taken over. Later in her home, she was visited unexpectedly by her nephew Kogenta, who had with him the children of the murdered Lord Hanabusa that he had smuggled out of the castle. Hot on her visitors' tails was Samanosuke's guard, who quickly searched her house for the Hanabusa children. They did not find them and quickly moved on after issuing Shinobu a death threat if she was found to have been harboring them. She then quickly led them into sacred and forbidden ground on Majin's mountain next to a statue of the Daimajin Arakatsuma, and showed them to a carved hollow in the mountain where their god was rumored to have lived in at one time.

For ten years they lived on Majin's Mountain in total solitude, but on the tenth anniversary of his exile, Tadafumi Hanabusa visited her to inquire on the whereabouts of Kogenta, who had gone missing. Shinobu told him that he had likely been captured, and begged Tadafumi not to go after him. Later she was approached by a boy who sought entrance to Majin's Mountain to pray at the statue of Arakatsuma, but Shinobu encouraged him to go home and trust that their god would save his father's life from Samanosuke's wrath. After this meeting, She traveled to Samanosuke's castle to warn him against his wickedness, for it would insight the wrath of the Daimajin. The tyrannical king proceeded to test her faith in the god by attempting to fire on her with an unloaded musket. This only prompted more spiritual backlash from Shinobu, and she was struck with Samanosuke's sword until dead. With her dying breath she let out a final warning that Daimajin would come to punish him and his followers.


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