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Samanosuke in Daimajin
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Lord
First appearance Daimajin
Played by Ryûtarô Gomi

Lord Samanosuke was the main antagonist in the 1966 Daiei film Daimajin.


Showa era


Samanosuke started life as a vassal to Lord Hanabusa before betraying and murdering him to take over the castle. For his first order, he tried to have the Hanabusa children killed as well, but they disappeared in the night.

For ten years, Samanosuke ruled over the land with a fist of iron, and forced the people to live in poverty while they built him a new fort. On the tenth anniversary of his coming into power, he captured Kogenta, a vassal who escaped him years before. Believing him to know the whereabouts of the Hanabusa children, and tortured him for the information, but to no avail. He then set a trap for them by dangling Kogenta by his ankles in the work-site for them to find. Later that night, Tadafumi Hanabusa arrived to rescue his friend. The two were then sent to a prison cell to await execution. Shortly after he was visited by Priestess Shinobu, who warned him that if he continued his wicked ways he would anger the Daimajin Arakatsuma, who would come to destroy him. To test her fate in the vengeful god by firing an unloaded musket into her face, which only elicited more threatening warnings from the priestess. For this, Samanosuke struck her three times with his sword and killed her. Paying no heed to her warnings, Samanosuke sent a vassal up Majin's Mountain to destroy the statue of Arakatsuma, which shortly strode into town to destroy him. Despite his attempts to barricade himself from the Daimajin, but was at last captured in its gargantuan hands and impaled with a giant chisel.


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