Anna Bradley

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Anna Bradley
Bradley in Varan the Unbelievable
Species Human
Nationality American
Related to James Bradley (Husband)
First appearance Varan the UnbelievableUS
Played by Tsuruko Kobayashi

Anna Bradley is a Japanese woman who serves as a protagonist in the 1962 American release of the 1958 Toho Kaiju film Varan, released in the United States as Varan the Unbelievable.


Showa era

Varan the Unbelievable

Anna Bradley was a Japanese woman who graduated college in 1952 and later married an American soldier and scientist named James Bradley. While working with the Japanese government to develop an antisaline chemical to convert saltwater to freshwater, he and Anna travelled Japan to find the right lake for testing. While on the island of Kunoshirashima, they set up in a small house where Anna hired a rascally boy named Matsu from the village to take care of the housework while she balanced her "wifely duties" with being her husband's secretary and transcriber for his lab notes. There, in October of 1959 he located the perfect lake for the government's experiment to chemically convert saltwater to freshwater. Unfortunately, going through with this would necessitate the permanent contamination of the sacred lake relied upon for the daily lives of the people in the nearby village of Koshida. Because of this, the military planned to force them to relocate to another island entirely. Anna was not a fan of this idea, but Jim convinced her that "a few natives" were nothing to worry about when their experiment could save millions of lives. He then sent for troops to help in the relocation, and the military sent tanks and munitions while also revealing word of the happenings on the island to the press. Anna's friend from college Shidori Iso and her husband Paul who were renowned reporters arrived on Kunoshirashima with news surrounding her husband's reputation. With the news of his part in the eviction of the locals now widespread, Anna was devastated at the image of her husband as a wicked and dishonorable man and urged him to stop the experiment, citing the existence of machines that already convert saltwater into freshwater, but he instead resolved to keep the villagers at home and help replace the food lost from the lake during the experiment. When the day of the test finally came, she watched as all the lake's fish died when the antisaline charges went off and wrote down James' observations. While waiting for the results to come in, Anna visited Shidori and Paul while at the lake, the prehistoric monster Obaki, feared by the villagers arose from the depths and began to attack the countryside. It destroyed a village and Anna blamed herself for the loss, feeling that if she had not urged James to keep them on the island, they would now be safe and far away. James assured her it was no-one's fault despite it ostensibly being his own, and they tried to flee as the beast pursued. It chased them into a small cave, where it tried to grab at them with its massive hand before being distracted by flares and escaping into the sea. James then had an idea to use the rest of the antisaline charges to kill the monster, but the radio in their car was broken, and Anna sat patiently while he and Commander Kishi Masataki repaired it. Ultimately, Paul Iso got the message and was able to use the bombs to fatally wound Obaki. In the aftermath of the attack, Anna and James packed up their belongings and prepared to leave Kunoshirashima. James promised Anna an extended vacation in southern California, and leave the island, its tainted lake, and ruined village behind them.


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