Walter Simmons

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Walter Simmons
Walter Simmons in Godzilla vs. Kong
Species Human
Nationality American
Affiliation Apex Cybernetics
Occupation CEO
Related to Maia Simmons (daughter)
First appearance Godzilla vs. Kong
Played by Demian Bichir,
Kazuhiro Yamaji (voice, Japanese dub)
You see 10 years ago, when Gojira was first revealed to the world, I had a dream. And in that dream, I saw one thing. And that beautiful, amazing thing was...

— Walter Simmons (Godzilla vs. Kong)

Walter Simmons is a character who appeared in the 2021 Legendary Pictures film Godzilla vs. Kong.

The billionaire founder and CEO of technology company Apex Cybernetics, Simmons sought to address the "Titan problem" and ostensibly make the world a better place for humanity. He worked to organize the mission with Monarch to relocate Kong to and explore the Hollow Earth. Unbeknownst to most, he was responsible for the construction of a colossal mechanical Titan, known as Mechagodzilla, to replace Godzilla as the alpha Titan and end the giant creatures' reign, using the skull of King Ghidorah he purchased from eco-terrorist Alan Jonah as a part of the control system for the weapon. His aim for supporting the Hollow Earth expedition was to secure an energy source capable of powering the mecha. This quickly backfired when the Hollow Earth energy caused Mechagodzilla to go berserk, after which it promptly killed Simmons and assaulted Hong Kong.


Walter Simmons is superficially charming and manipulative. Considering himself a humanist and visionary who is acting to secure mankind's betterment, he is in actuality extremely ruthless and arrogant, knowingly placing millions of innocent lives in mortal danger in the pursuit of his own ego-driven ambition to overthrow Godzilla with his own creation, Mechagodzilla. Simmons is blinded by his overconfidence and egotism, ignoring Ren Serizawa's warnings against immediately infusing Mechagodzilla with the Hollow Earth energy before proper preparation. This proves to be his undoing when Mechagodzilla goes berserk after being powered by the energy and immediately kills Simmons.



Godzilla vs. Kong

When Godzilla attacked the Apex Cybernetics facility in Pensacola, Florida, Simmons and Chief Technology Officer Ren Serizawa evacuated by helicopter. In the aftermath of the attack, Simmons spoke to the media, stressing the need for mankind to work together to combat Godzilla, who was now a threat to humanity. Simmons and Serizawa later visited Dr. Nathan Lind at Denham University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to propose a mission to the Hollow Earth. Simmons stated that there was a powerful energy source within the Hollow Earth that, if harnessed, could allow for the construction of a weapon to challenge Godzilla. When Lind reminded him that Hollow Earth travel was impossible, Simmons revealed his company's new invention: the Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle, or HEAV. The HEAV was designed to withstand the intense gravitational inversion experienced upon entering the Hollow Earth, which killed the previous expedition which included Lind's brother David. Convinced, Lind told Simmons he had a "crazy" idea, to which Simmons responded that he loved such ideas. Lind told him and Serizawa that all Titans possessed a homing instinct which could lead them to their evolutionary source in the Hollow Earth, meaning a Titan could show them the way.

With the joint Apex-Monarch expedition to the Hollow Earth underway, Simmons and Serizawa traveled to a facility underneath Apex headquarters in Hong Kong to test their new anti-Godzilla weapon: Mechagodzilla. Simmons watched as the mecha was activated and brutally tore a Skullcrawler in half with its Proton Scream before powering down. Serizawa reported that Mechagodzilla reached 40% of its power capacity, which Simmons replied was as expected. He promised Serizawa that once his daughter and the expedition found the energy source that their power troubles would be over. Godzilla sensed Mechagodzilla's activation and promptly headed for Hong Kong, where he fired his atomic breath into the ground in the heart of the city. Simmons recognized that Godzilla was responding to the energy source in the Hollow Earth being activated, meaning the expedition had found it. Once a drone sent the energy signature to Apex and allowed it to be replicated, Simmons told Serizawa to prepare himself to pilot Mechagodzilla. Serizawa warned him that the upgrade was untested and that Godzilla would come straight for them when it was activated. Simmons replied that Godzilla had been coming for them since Mechagodzilla was first activated. Serizawa stressed that they should not rush this, to which Simmons replied "Get in the goddamn chair."

Apex guards caught Madison Russell, Josh Valentine, and Bernie Hayes sneaking through the facility and brought them to Simmons, who initially assumed they were from Greenpeace. However, he soon recognized Madison as Mark Russell's daughter. Madison angrily accused Simmons of provoking Godzilla into war and causing all of this, but Simmons confidently replied that he accepted the responsibility for giving mankind a chance to fight back against Godzilla. As Mechagodzilla activated, Simmons began monologuing to the three about his creation, only for Madison and the others to notice Mechagodzilla, under the influence of King Ghidorah's consciousness, slowly turning toward and approaching the control room. Simmons saw the three backing away and turned to see Mechagodzilla bearing down on the control room, and only had time to begin saying "Oh shit" before the possessed mecha punched through the room, killing Simmons.



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