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When we started Apex Cybernetics, we dreamt of new ways to push past the limits of human potential. Robotics, the human mind, artificial intelligence. Who knows what brave new future we will dream of next? I'm Walter Simmons. And it is my privilege to lead Apex into humanity's bold new era. We're not going anywhere, and neither are you.

Walter Simmons (Godzilla vs. Kong)

Apex Cybernetics (エイペックス・サイバネティクス社,   Eipekkusu Saibanetikusu-sha), formerly known as Applied Experimental Technologies (AET), is a fictional technology company with headquarters in Pensacola, Florida and Hong Kong.[a] It appears in the 2021 Legendary Pictures Monsterverse film Godzilla vs. Kong and 2023 television series Monarch: Legacy of Monsters. Founded by billionaire Walter Simmons with the ostensible aims of helping mankind, Apex in actuality sought corporate world domination.[3] To that end, it secretly constructed the colossal mechanical Titan known as Mechagodzilla in order to replace Godzilla as the alpha Titan and end the giant creatures' reign as the dominant lifeforms. In 2024, Apex organized a mission with the scientific organization Monarch to lead an expedition into the Hollow Earth to recover an energy source capable of powering Mechagodzilla, while framing Godzilla as a menace for committing attacks motivated by Apex's experiments. When the energy source was recovered, Apex's operation quickly became a disaster as Mechagodzilla, who became possessed by King Ghidorah's consciousness, broke free of Apex's control and killed its creators before going on a rampage through Hong Kong. Through the combined efforts of Godzilla and Kong, the rogue Mechagodzilla was destroyed and its reign of terror ended.



Godzilla vs. Kong

Bernie Hayes, a conspiracy theorist and the host of Titan Truth Podcast, worked under deep cover for Apex Cybernetics' U.S. headquarters in Pensacola, Florida in order to expose its shady activities. Just as Hayes was downloading incriminating data from an Apex computer onto a flash drive, Godzilla attacked the facility. As the staff evacuated, Hayes sneaked into a restricted access area of the facility where he was confronted by armed guards. Just when the guards held Hayes at gunpoint, a blast of Godzilla's atomic breath burst into the building and vaporized them, leaving Hayes unharmed. As the smoke cleared and Godzilla continued razing the facility, Hayes saw a strange piece of glowing tech among the ruins.

Apex CEO Walter Simmons and Chief Technology Officer Ren Serizawa dropped in on Professor Nathan Lind at Denham University in Philadelphia, where they expressed their interest in Lind's studied of the Hollow Earth. They revealed that scans of the planet's core revealed a powerful energy source, much like the energy possessed by Godzilla, that sustained the Hollow Earth's ecosystem. They proposed a joint Apex-Monarch mission to the Hollow Earth using the company's new Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle]s, or HEAVs. These HEAVs would allow the expedition members to survive the gravity inversion experienced when entering the Hollow Earth, which had killed Lind's brother when he tried to lead an expedition there earlier. There, they could harvest this energy and create a weapon capable of defeating Godzilla. Lind was convinced, and explained his idea for the mission, which he called "crazy." He proposed that a Titan may be able to lead them to the energy source due to genetic memory, which drew the Titans back to the location where they originated. Apex approved the mission, sending Simmons' daughter Maia to oversee it, while also providing three HEAVs for the mission.

Suspicious after Godzilla's sudden attack on the Apex HQ, Madison Russell and her friend Josh Valentine sought out Hayes, and agreed with him that something Apex was doing had provoked Godzilla's attack. The three then broke into the ruined facility, finding that the suspicious tech was now gone. Madison found an elevator that took them to sublevel 33, a mysterious area mentioned in the data Hayes had downloaded. Upon reaching the sublevel, the three hid away in a transport vessel carrying Skullcrawler eggs. The vessel transported them to a massive facility underneath Apex's Hong Kong headquarters. There, they witnessed Apex's ultimate weapon being lifted into the chamber they were in: a giant robot in Godzilla's image, which Josh called "Mechagodzilla." Simmons ordered "Number 10" to be released, after which a door opened and a Skullcrawler was released into the chamber. It gave chase after the three before Mechagodzilla, piloted by Serizawa via a neural interface, grabbed it by the arms and promptly sliced it in half with its Proton Scream before powering down. Serizawa reported that Mechagodzilla only reached about 40% of its power capacity, which Simmons stated was as expected. He promised that in a short while, they would have the energy needed to power the mecha.

When Monarch's mission finally reached the Hollow Earth, Kong led them to a massive castle-like structure evidently built for his species. Inside, Kong found a massive axe that glowed with blue energy. Kong set the axe into a depression, which caused the ground to begin glowing with the same blue energy. Apex immediately unleashed a drone to begin extracting and analyzing the substance in the ground. When Lind and Dr. Ilene Andrews tried to stop them, Maia had her men point their firearms at them and Jia, causing Kong to roar angrily at them in their defense. Suddenly, Godzilla's atomic breath burst into the Hollow Earth, aggravating the roosting Hellhawks and causing them to attack everyone. Maia and her men escaped in a HEAV but made the mistake of firing on Kong, who caught the HEAV and crushed it in his hand, killing Maia.

Nevertheless, Apex was able to copy and recreate the energy signature from the sample scanned by the drone and quickly implemented it into Mechagodzilla. Simmons gave the order to activate the mecha, but Serizawa warned that the neural interface was untested and that they had no idea how the mecha would react to the energy yet. Simmons dismissed these concerns and ordered Serizawa to take control of Mechagodzilla. At the same time, Bernie and the others were caught by guards and brought to Simmons. Simmons lectured them about what he had accomplished as Mechagodzilla was activated. As the energy coursed through Mechagodzilla, the neural link with Serizawa was severed and control over the mecha was lost. Mechagodzilla began to act on its own, under the influence of King Ghidorah's consciousness, and promptly killed Simmons by punching through the room where he was. An electrical shock next killed Serizawa, and Mechagodzilla freed itself from underneath Victoria Peak Mountain with its Proton Scream.

Mechagodzilla immediately began terrorizing Hong Kong with its Proton Scream just after Godzilla had defeated Kong in battle. Godzilla roared and challenged his mechanical duplicate, and the two Titans exchanged blows. Mechagodzilla quickly gained the upper hand and began brutally beating Godzilla and dragging him through the city. Lind self-destructed a HEAV over Kong's chest to restart his heart, after which Jia convinced the Titan that Godzilla was not his enemy. Just as Mechagodzilla was about to finish Godzilla, Kong sprung into action and attacked the mecha. Together, Godzilla and Kong were able to defeat Mechagodzilla, which was ultimately destroyed when Godzilla supercharged Kong's axe with his atomic breath and Kong sliced Mechagodzilla apart with it. With Mechagodzilla destroyed, the disaster that Apex had unleashed was brought to an end.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters

"Will the Real May Please Stand Up?"

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"Beyond Logic"

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Tabletop games



Godzilla vs. Kong: The Official Movie Novelization

The novelization begins by retelling Godzilla's rescue of Na Kika in Godzilla Dominion from the perspective of a Russian terrorist named Manchaary Rybekov who is attempting to sell the Titan to Rosales, an American businessman. The latter is implied to be a representative of Apex Cybernetics. Later, ecoterrorist Alan Jonah meets with Walter Simmons in Pensacola and uneasily agrees to sell him two Ghidorah skulls. While Godzilla severed one of Ghidorah's heads during their battle in Isla de Mara, the origin of the second skull is left unexplained.

The novelization also deepens Apex's connection to Monarch and Bernie Hayes' motives for infiltrating the company. He explains that his wife Sara quit her job at Apex a year after the Battle of San Francisco. Following her death in an apparent car accident, he discovered a note she left which read "Godzilla > Apex > Monarch Contract > shipping manifest > component for bomb." He immediately secured a position at the company to investigate it, believing his wife had been killed because she knew too much. After Ghidorah's rampage, he concluded that the bomb in question was the Oxygen Destroyer (this seems to contradict Godzilla: King of the Monsters and its novelization, where Admiral William Stenz told senior Monarch members of its existence just before using it). Monarch has had a close relationship with Apex for years, with both organizations maintaining facilities in many of the same cities.

Notable members


  • Sublevel 33 in Apex's Pensacola headquarters, which houses the company's transcontinental maglev shuttles, may be a reference to the highest degree of Freemasonry. 1933 was also the year the original King Kong film was released.


  1. The Kong: Skull Island Cinematic Adventure states that Apex is "headquartered in the US,"[1] with the Godzilla vs. Kong theater program specifying its headquarters as Pensacola.[2] A news report in the movie also alludes to the facility Godzilla attacks as Apex's "U.S. headquarters." However, Bernie Hayes later describes the facility where Mechagodzilla is held as the "Apex headquarters in Hong Kong."


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